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Calories in Chinese Takeout

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I have been searching and searching for a good, thorough source for approximate calorie content in chinese takout foods, but to no avail. Everything I have found so far doesn't even include what i normally get (chicken with garlic sauce) and i cant seem to find a good approximation either. Does anyone know of a good source for this information? Thanks!

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I don't get take out a lot so I'm not sure, but when I do I usually go to Panda Express and they do have most of their menu online... px

Hopefully that helps..?

I've used this site before, sometimes it helps with chinese food:

the only nutrition facts on chinese food i have found were on PF Chang's website.. and it scarred me for life haha..

usually when I can not find something in it's common form in CC, i usally break it down into its component parts and record it. If it is a one time thing I think of all the calories of the components, and add 100 calories(or more) for sauce(Chinese food) , using my best judgement, and always overestimating on the calories to bee on the safe side. If it is something that I know I will eat a lot I may even use the receipe tool and make it a receipe and tag it. Hope it helps...

After calorie counting for 6+ months now I can look at most things and guess the calorie content and be pretty spot on. Ruined my freind's day by telling her how many calories in a Peanut Butter cookie at Starbucks....I said 450cals, the women behind the counter said "No more...." she pulled out the offical receipe book from behind the counter...600cals!!! so not right all the time...But I knew it was no 200cal cookie.

The problem with take out Chinese is not just the calories, which are exhorbitant in many of their dishes, but also the potential MSG content, known to be linked to a myriad of health issues and their use of transfats for cooking and frying.  I have been in the kitchens of many local Chinese restaurants, and all kinds of restaurants actually for my work, and I can tell you, it's not a pretty site.  If you saw the food being prepared and the conditions in general, you would not eat at many restaurants, let alone Chinese take out food.

I have a friend that lives in Europe who owns a small Italian restaurant in a coastal town in Portugal.  I had sent her some pictures of some work I did in a local restaurant kitchen and there were some white 5 gallon pails stacked up in the corner in the picture, inside the cooler.  She asked me what they were for and I said, "Food".  She laughed and said, "No seriously, what are they for?".  And I repeated, "Food".  So we zoomed in on the picture and sure enough they were labelled, "Chicken Soup" or "Macaroni Salad" and other things.   She simply could not believe that Canadians would eat in a restaurant that cooked "Food" from a 5 gallon plastic  In every restaurant she had ever known or worked in, it was always cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients.  If they didn't have the fresh ingredients, it wasn't on the menu for that day.   And I've been in dozens of restaurants over the years and I can tell you that they all have 5 gallon pails in their food  

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