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How many calories are in buffet

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Hi. I'm a 5' 9", 145 lb. male. I went to a brazilian BBQ buffet with some friends, and as you may have guess, I could not stay within my diet plan and packed in as much food as I could (no way i'm stepping in that place again). I tried to eat as much veggies as I could, but I still had a good share of meat and ice cream.

My question, what do you think the average amount of calories consumed is at a buffet for a guy of my size? I would like to get a ballpark number so I can try to erase my mistake in the next few days. Thanks.
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We have no idea unless you list exactly what you ate, and how much.

More importantly, you're a guy who is 5'9" and 145! Why are you dieting?
Probably 3000 calories.  That is assuming you ate lots of carbs and protein.  Just a random guess really!
this is an odd question to ask..

i think a more appropriate one would be listing everything you ate and then asking us...
HA!  If you're a teenager around 5000...

Like post #1 says, we can't tell without knowing what you ate... Buffets are so random... Did you eat lean cuts of meat?  How many ounces/pounds?  If you can estimate the portion sizes, you can probably enter them into the food log.

When I go out to eat, I try to keep a mental log of what's on my plate, and then estimate with the recipe analyzer or food log.
PS - The good thing about a Brazilian Buffet, is you don't have a lot of sauces, and the meat is roasted, eliminating some of the fat.
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