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How many calories for breakfast?

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on days when I am working for breakfast I usually have about 95g porridge oats/oatmeal with 300ml semi skimmed milk, to keep me going.

I think this works out around 500kcal possibly more.

Is this too high an amount of calories for breakfast? Will I have to eat less calories throughout the rest of the day?

Does any body know any lower calorie breakfasts that will keep you going for a long time?



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I don't think any amount is "too much" for breakfast although you will have to adjust the rest of your day to make sure you stay within your limits. Obviously, the more you eat for breakfast, the less you can eat for other meals/snacks.

You may want to search on CC for more information as there is a whole line of thought that breakfast should be the largest meal of the day while dinner should be the smallest. I can't say whether it works or not, but I have read quite a few posts on here about it.

I know that none of my answers are really concrete, but that's because the "right" amount to eat for breakfast is the amount that works for you. Some people struggle to eat a small amount while others love to eat a huge hearty meal. Personally, I'm right in the middle at about 300 cal.

My nutritionist told me that my breakfast should be at least 350 calories.  He did not state a maximum however.  Hope that helps a little.

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truth? 500 sounds a bit high for b'fast. i tend to stay around 300 cals. although i do more than just 3 meals a day - opting for about 5 or 6 smaller throughout the day - so maybe that's where we differ..

I usually have about 600 for breakfast while maintaining. I'm never hungry in the evening when I eat most of my calories during the day. When I try to gain weight I eat around 200-300. I'm RAVENOUS throughout the entire day when I do that.

Interesting, I'm always ravenous throughout the day. Maybe I just need to eat more in the morning.

I have around 500cals for breakfast.. keeps me from being hungry during the day

I just logged my breakfast on CC and it came to around 415 calories (granted I list EVERYTHING like my 3 cups of coffee, 2 splendas, 2 tbsp of sugar free jam, 5 unfrosted mini wheats) but I usually aim for between 300-450 calories for breakfast depending on the day.

Since I am off of work today I slept later until around 8am and just had a larger breakfast of eggwhites, spinach, fat free shredded cheese, onions, peppers and 2 slice of light toast w/ sf jelly and a few unfrosted mini wheats to munch on.  The tought is that I probably wont eat again until lunch around 1-1:30.

On work days I usually have cereal/oatmeal or yogurt =250 calories around 6:30-7am and then have 150-200 calories for a snack around 9:30-10 still equaling the same amount of calories just spaced out more.

So basically I have around 500 calories before lunch just differently spaced depending on schedule.

I didn't start losing weight until I increased the calories for my breakfast from around 150-200 calories to 450 calories. However, I am taking in too many as of now: around 600 calories; so I need to bring it down to 400-450 again because I find that that is enough to keep me full until my next meal anyway. Also, my breakfasts consist of mostly fruit and barely any protein, so that is another problem I should fix.

How many calories are you eating total a day?  That's the first thing to figure out.

One way to break up your calories is to take your dialy total and divide by four, and then take one of those quarters and divide by two.  That gives you three meals and two snacks.

You don't have to follow that exactly, however.  I eat a big breakfast, and a large morning snack, and then smaller portions as I go through the day.  Its just a personal choice, I find that I perform better at work that way, and I don't mind a small dinner. 


Big breakfasts are good for getting your metabolism going and helping you to not overeat throughout the day.

I will either eat 300-350 breakfast and then a big snack 2-3 hours later of 150-200, or a 400 calorie breakfast and a 100 snack later. Either way I have about 500 calories before lunch. If you go a long time between breakfast and lunch, like 4-5 hours, you need a big breakfast.

My usual breakfast is anywhere from 200-400 calories, but it depends on how I'm feeling. If I'm craving something sweet and end up having dates with it then I can easily get over 500 >.>. It all evens out though.


Eat however much feels good to you. The way I see it there really isn't a wrong way to do it unless you either eat all of your calories in one meal or skip it altogether. 

I aim for between 400-500cal for breakfast everyday, and sometimes even have 600. It helps with cravings the rest of the day, and there's nothing wrong with a "heartier" breakfast especially if it's nutrient rich and healthy! :)

However many (or few) you feel comfortable with, and however much helps you stay within your calorie target. It doesn't matter outside the context of hitting your total calories and other nutrients for the day. I used to have around 700-800, now I don't eat breakfast, so do what you enjoy.

I eat 4 meals a day and do 300-400 cals for breakfast. Sometimes I've hit 500.

Just saying this from 2008 lol ;)

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