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Calories in boneless, skinless chicken breast?

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This has bugged me greatly for some time now. How many calories are there in plain old boneless, skinless chicken breast?


The CC database says that there are about 95 calories per 2 ounces, but other sites tell me its 60 calories per 2 ounces, some sites say its much more, some say its less.


So really, how many calories are there in boneless, skinless chicken breast?

I cook it straight up on a griddle with no oil or anything really. I use water to keep it from sticking.

I really need to know, 'cause the caloric difference in certain servings that I prepare could be well over 100 calories.


Thanks all

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I usually consider raw chicken breasts to be around 110 calories for 100g, thats raw.

I think for cooked actually its roughly the same, I looked the back of a packet of cooked chicken I have and it states 120 cals for 100g.

Hope that helped.

I have a bag of frozen chicken breasts and it says there are 120 calories in 4 oz raw.  

The CC database values are for cooked weights.  (Why they don't include raw weight meats as an option is beyond me, and we've asked for it several times, but it has yet to be added.)  Since chicken breast loses a lot of moisture in cooking, the weight reduces so the calories/weight increases.

Chicken breast is about 60 cals for 2 oz. raw weight and about 100 cals for 2 oz. cooked weight (assuming no fats added in cooking).

When calculating the calories for raw chicken I use this.

It's been a while since I last checked a calorie guide, but I seem to remember 3 ozs of white chicken = 165 calories. Looking at CC, I don't see (boiled) chicken breast,(which works great for me. Its very moist, no fat added (loses some of the fat cooked this way) plus I freeze breasts so I can thaw and add to any recipe I want, later.

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