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How many calories do you think are in this?

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I don't like not knowing how many calories are in my food as I've been trying to count recently to lose a little bit of weight.

For dinner I had a 'Palermo Wrap' which consisted of: Grilled Portobello Mushrooms, Fresh Mozzarella,  Peppers, Spinach and Balsamic I also asked for it to be on whole wheat instead of a regular wrap. If anyone could get back to me about reasonable estimates I'd really appreciate it.

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  • whole wheat wrap = 120 calories
  • Portobello = 20
  • Mozzarella -= 140
  • Peppers = 15
  • spinach = 10
  • balsamic = 15
  • Total = 320

I have no idea of the weights or amounts of each of the ingredients, but I used CC as my source for guestimating.


Thank you :)

Having worked at a gourmet sandwich/salad restaurant (not a chain), I can tell you that the "whole wheat" wraps we used were 250 calories - I feel like this is standard.

Even if it wasn't that much, 120 is almost certainly a very low estimate - I would say the wrap itself was between 200-300. The rest of the calorie counts look accurate in my non expert opinion :)

Also - 500 calories is a really reasonable dinner so I would still say you made a healthy choice and should be proud :)

I'd guesstimate your dinner to be 400-600 calories, depending on how thick the wrap is, how much of oil is used to grill the mushrooms, and how much of cheese is in it.

But still, it's a healthy dinner option from the sound of it. :)

  • whole wheat wrap = 220
  • Portobello = 20
  • Mozzarella -= 160
  • Peppers = 15
  • spinach = 15
  • balsamic = 30
  • Total = 460


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