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How many calories?

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how many calories do you think are in a normal Peanut butter and jelly sandwhich with wheat bread and sugar free jelly?

i love them so much...*sob*
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I'd say 300 calories. That's if the bread isn't "reduced" in any way. Same with the peanut butter. It also depends on how much peanut butter you're using.

You don't have access to the nutritional information?

Well, the one I just had cost me 295 calories, but I only had 1.5 TBSP PB with <gasp> white bread.

I was taking a chance because PBJ can be a trigger food for me... I behaved
I agree with itaq, except I'd probably maybe even say 330 to err on the side of caution.  It depends on how much PB you put in there.  Most regular WW breads are in the area of 130 cals for 2 slices.  Two tablespoons of most regular PB is 190 cals.  Sugar-free jelly 10 cals for 1 tablespoon.  I'd say about 330 for a full 2-slice sandwich, half that if you only use half PB&J and 1 slice.  Could "get your fix" and cut your cal damage in half that way. 
Depends on how much peanut butter and jelly you use. If you use a serving of everything, then here's an estimate (I'm looking at the labels in my house!)
2 slices of 100%whole wheat bread is about 140 calories,
1 tablespoon of jelly is about 60,
and 1 tbsp of peanut butter is about 90

So probably like 290-300
you could of course search the food database for specific brands if you want to, but I wouldn't think the calorie amounts would be a whole lot different.
2 slices of 100% whole wheat bread is aprox 200 cals.
1 tbsp sugar free jam, 10 cals.
2 tbsp pb (what most people use), 200 cals.

So around 410 calories for the average sandwich.
Ok I just want to say that the average PB&J sandwich is NOT 400 or more calories, those would have to be some pretty thick pieces of bread to be 100 calories each. Anyway, check to make sure what kind of bread you use LOL
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Measure it all out and log it into the recipe analyzer.  Hopefully you'll get an accurate read on what you're about to eat.  Then you can tag that recipe and when you make it again, just be sure to use the same amounts that you listed. 
Two pieces of Light Whole Wheat bread is 80 cals. The PB is about 140 for the Wild Oats organic brand, and the Jelly is only 10 if you use the good ole' sugar-free variety.'s really only 230 cals for the whole thing.
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I think most PB runs about 190 cals for 2 tbsp. Light wheat bread is 80 cal for two slices. and then 10 calories for the jelly. So I'd say about 280 calories. Don't deprive yourself...just behave the rest of the day!!! :)
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