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100 calorie snack ideas

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Recently I have been munching on several small snacks throughout the day to make sure I read my calorie and nutritional goals. 100 calorie healthy snacks seem to be the best option for noshing on in between larger meals. Some of my favorites are low fat cheese melted on a slice of whole wheat toast, a small low fat light and fit yogurt cup and a plain rice cake ect.

I'd love to hear some of ya'lls ideas for healthy 100 calorie snacks. 

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Those are the greatest go-to 100 calorie snack, imo. That is-- if you like nuts. Hope this helps!

Looks great, Thanks!

Medium apple

Medium banana

Hard-boiled egg

1/2 cup of cottage cheese

3 clementine oranges

1.3 cups of grapes (or most berries)

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Any of the 100 mini-bags of microwave popcorn.

I used to get the light low/fat yogurts.  I actually switched to Chobani non-fat yogurts.  They have 140 calories, but 14 to 15 grams of protein.  I'm always short on protein, and this is a great way to use a few more calories but get a lot more benefit.  They also fill me up better.  I also like finding cereal that I like and snacking on a serving of it without milk.  Just makes me feel like I'm getting something sweet/dessert, but it's low calorie and usually fortified with vitamins.  I also agree with MoxieCookie.  Love, love, love the cocoa roasted almonds. 

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Original Post by ootek:

Medium apple

Medium banana

Hard-boiled egg

1/2 cup of cottage cheese

3 clementine oranges

1.3 cups of grapes (or most berries)

 ^^ Healthiest suggestions!

2 tbsp hummus with celery and carrots

1 tbsp peanut butter with celery and carrots


150g greek yogurt and strawberries

Melba toast and a wedge of laughing cow cheese



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During the summer, I am especially drawn to frozen fruits, particularly grapes and small bananas. So good!

I also like to freeze Yoplait whipped yogurts and Jello Mousse cups. 

Wow! really great ideas you guys! I'm going to try the Chobani yogurt, I could really use more protein in my diet. And I really love dry cereal as well, especially kix! Def gonna look for the mini bags of popcorn, I always overindulge on it. Ohhhh....frozen bananas, awesome idea! Keep 'um coming...these are all really creative and yummy sounding. 

walkers 99 calories or less range! and grapes and strawberries x

I like the cereal idea.  I'm going to see if I can find one I like and give that a try.  Night time is my worse time so anything helps.

Piece of broiled cheese bread:

  • 1 slice of Sara Lee light multi-grain bread = 45 calories
  • 1 Laughing Cow light cheese wedge spread on bread = 35 calories
  • sprinkled with garlic = 5 calories
  • 1 tb. grated parmesan cheese = 20 calories
  • Total = 95 calories
  • Broil, but watch carefully and remove as soon as parmesan cheese begins to lightly brown

the 112 calorie BLT:

2 pieces of Pepperage Farm Very Thin white bread (I lightly toast them)

1 piece of center cut bacon

Thin slice of tomato


1 tsp. fat free mayo


vitamuffins...they are pricey, but delish!

all fruits 

low-fat yoghurt

light cruskits (only 20 calories per biscuit!)

weight watcher's two fruits (40 calories a tub)


3 tbsp airpopped popcorn with "I can't believe its not butter spray" 120 calories

All fruits


Yoplait lite yogurt cups

Nature Valley Granola Bars

Veggies (If you are a radish fan, look up baked radish chips on recipe browser..)

you should deff' try out the nabisco flavoured snacks & it's only 100 calories per bag. it`s got all your favorite snacks! chips ahoy, cheezits, oreos,&such! <:

^Has a list of reasonable snacks, calories are equal to 100 no less.

Heres a list of snacks under 100 calories, in each of the different food groups. -snacks-under-100-calories/ y-snacks/low-calorie-snacks-0606

100 calories is a good number if your hungry & dinner is an hour away.


The Chobani greek yogurt is very good and I also like the high protein it provides.  I think it is the best greek yogurt, of those I have tried.

Vitamuffin tops are awesome,fruits,yogurt,popcorn( airpopped) and many others....


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