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300 Calorie Meals

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What are some examples of 300 calories meals/snacks?  I'm going to consume all of my calories in small portions throughout the day because I've been pretty hungry eating only 3 times.  
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some skinless, bonless, chicken tenders. 100cals per 112grams(or 4 oz) Some lemon juice and pepper do it for me and a side of one of those small bags of ready made salad from the supermarket or some broccoli or anything really unless u want 300 cals worth of chickenb tenders.
oh ya, and only 5 calories of fat in each 112g serving.
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light eng muffin (100 cals) w/1 slice cheese (100 cals) and 1 fried egg (80 cals)

La Tortilla whole wheat wrap (80 cals) small can tuna (90 cals) w/2 tbs of low fat mayo (90 cal), diced celery, cucumber slices

whole wheat pita (150 cals) spread with 2 Tbs of hummus (50 cals) stuffed with Veggie burger (100 cals) and grilled mushrooms/onions

1 cup cooked penne (200 cals) with 1/4 cup light sauce and sauteed zuchinni, brocoli, and mushrooms

light vanilla yogurt (100 cals) with 1 cup berries (50 cals) and 1 cup fiber one (120 cals)
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3/4 cup cheerios: 85
1 cup skim milk: 80
1 medium orange: 75
1 hard boiled egg: 80


6 oz cup fat free yogurt: 80
1 banana: 110
1 snack bag rold-gold pretzels: 110



1 slice bread (or 2 slices light bread): 80
2 oz oven roasted deli turkey: 60
 Mustard, pickle slices, tomato, lettuce: 15
 1 fat free kraft single: 30
= 185

1 medium granny smith apple: 80
3 oz baby carrots: 35
1 can diet soda/water/plain tea: 0


1 lowfat chewy granola bar: 90
1 medium-large apple: 110
1 hundred calorie pack beef jerky: 100


1 (foster farms) chicken breast fillet :150
1 tbsp ketchup: 15
1 small 2 by 2 dinner roll: 85
1 c. steamed broccoli: 50
Plain tea, coffee, etc.

I find salad filling but some people dont, so stick to your protein/fats, over empty carbs (white refined breads, skinless or large potatoes)

Try soups - warm and filling. Buy the low-fat ones (no added creametc) and add your own cottage cheese instead of sour cream. Some thick ones with pasta are only 100 cals per cup. 2 cups and you're stuffed full.

Just bulk up normal foods (chicken, rosted veggies) with salads. Dont try just eating a salad.

Try and egg white omlette. 3-4 egg whites (or 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg, but that's  more calories) w/ spinach and mushroom and garlic with some butter spray, or with mushies, capsicum onion and some salsa and fat-free cheese or parmesan, or go sweet and add splenda to the egg, and serve with LOTS of berries

For brekkie I always have oatmeal, fruit and protein (1/2 a glass of milk, or an egg white mixed in) Yum and filling and always under 300 cals.
If you need something warm and quick (and you don't care too much about sodium) try lean pockets.  They're generally 280-290 calories each and only take 2 minutes in the microwave (note: do not hold them in your hand to eat them like they show on the commercials.  They are tooooo hot just out of the microwave and the fillings will squirt out all over your hand and burn you).
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I thought this site was kind of cool. It gives you ideas on what to eat and shows you how much food you can get for only 300 calories.
I personally love lean pockets, weight watchers meals, and lean cuizine meals. most are almost 300 calories and they are tasty and filling. You could always have a bunch of lettuce or other low cal veggie on the side like a salad.

A really tasty 320 cal meal I made the other day consisted of lots of grilled onions (30 cals) 1 large boca burger original (100cals) 1 small/medium baked potato (140-160 cals) with a slice of fat free cheese (30 cals) and salsa (20 cals). It was soo good it made me feel like I was cheating. really filling too.

Another idea would be grilling a chicken breast filet (140cals) with  part skim motzerella (40cals for 15grams, I think it's an 8th of a cup)  add some pasta sause or diced tomatoes (20-40 cals) and serve with 3/4 cup of cooked whole wheat pasta (130 cal), your own chicken parmesean.
Breakfast:  2 Kashi blueberry waffles (180)
       &nb sp;           Milk (90)

Snack #1:  Muscle Milk (260)

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich on whole wheat bread (250ish)
       &nb sp;    Apple (60)

Snack #3: Nuts (150)
       &nb sp;          Light n Fit yogurt (40-70)

Dinner: Jennie O Turkey Burger (160)
       &nb sp;    1/2 cup Brown Rice (50)
       &nb sp;     Sweet Potato (150)

Snack #4:  100 calorie Popcorn Pack

I've been on this diet for about a week, and it's delish!  Sometimes I substitute snacks with protein bars if I'm about to go work out.  Eat every 3 hours and you'll be in great shape.  Good luck!      &nbs p;   
Oh, and another AWESOME breakfast is 1/2 cup of oatmeal with a half scoop of Spirutien protein powder.  It's like having chocolate (or vanilla, or strawberry, or whatever) for breakfast!!!
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I made this meal last night for dinner and it was so good I had to go home for lunch today and make it again!! And I've been dying to share :) It was more like 350 last night (plus I put in 90 cals of avocado so up to 440... had the cals, needed good fats) but today for lunch I modified it to 295! So here it is:

1/4 cup basmati rice (uncooked, makes ~3/4 cup cooked depending on how fluffy you like it): 160 cal
1.5 oz cooked salmon, flaked (had leftovers, that's where this all started): 75-ish cals
1/3 cup peas: 35 cal
2.5 oz sliced mushrooms, sauteed in 1/2 tbsp soy sauce: 15+5 cal
another 1/2 tbsp soy sauce: 5 cal

Mix them all up... I can't get enough!!!! but nice and filling and quick to make too.

I also made little personal chicken potpies and turkey mini meatloaves (recipes from Cooking Light) that each come out to ~250 cals/svg and eat them with a small salad and/or some asparagus, basically another 50 cal of veggies. Both kept me full for quite some time, but require some work to make.

My last idea (for now although I'm sure I could go on...) is Subway. A lot of their "6g of fat or less" subs are ~300 cals.
Egg substitute omlet...

1 cup Better n' Eggs =120 cals

1/2 cup chopped bellas = 20 or so cals

1/2 cup diced fresh tomato = 20 or so cals

1/4 cup fresh baby spinach = 15 or so cals

A dash of Mrs. Dash Cajun (or whatever you like) seasoning = 0 cals

Pop egg liquid in a non-stick pan, add ingredients to one side w/ spinach on top. Cook on Med/Lo until egg is almost fully cooked. Fold in half and give a minute to adhere. Voila! You got your very filling and flavorful under 200 calorie omlet.
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I like to buy the fillets of cod in parsley or butter sauce which you boil or microwave in the bag. The sauce is yummy and cheesy and its only 110 cals each for the ones i buy, then i add a can of carrots and a can of green beans which are 25 each and i got a wickedly big meal for under 200.
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A surprising number of the recipes on the Net exceed 300 calories. This Dieting Tips blog has some that aren't, and each ingredient's calories are shown:

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