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Calculating calories in pizza slices

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I'm having trouble calculating how many calories I ate in 2 slices of margherita pizza. I can't seem to find general calories and when I do, I find calories for either 1/3, 1/2, or 1/4 pizza, so with those, how would I calculate 2 slices of pizza? Does anyone have a general idea of how many calories would be in 2 slices of margherita pizza?

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well how big are those 2 slices?  Does the 2 slices = 1/4 or 1/3 of a pizza roughly.  Sometimes you just have to eyeball it.  Usually 2 slices is about 1/4 pizza unless they are really really thin slices.
most pies are based on 8 slices so 1/4 would be 2 slices. did you try a search for the company? depending on the toppings too makes a big difference but i know an average slice of pepperoni is 150 cals per slice .
I have found 1 slice of cheese & pepperoni...i slice 181 cals. type in pizza and it is right at the top. it is an estimate I would say depending on the size of slice and thickness.
I eat Round Table pizza and it is in the database here on CC. One slice of original crust cheese pizza is 230 calories. That is listed for a large, but I did the math (calculated surface area for large and small) and found that the way Round Table cuts their other sizes makes the slices on the various sizes all about equivalent. One large pizza = 12 slices and twice the surface area of a small pizza (12" diameter), which is 6 slices.

Do you know about how large the pizza was (diameter) and how many slices it was cut into? Was it a thin, medium, or thick crust?
On average a slice of pizza usually runs from 200-300 calories, depending on the crust and toppings and size.  If the slices are smaller, you can go less, but if they are big slices, you just kinda have to judge on your own.  A bigger slice with lots of toppings would be closer to 300.  But just an average slice with thin crust and few toppings would be 200.  It is better to overestimate than under so you don't fool yourself. 
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In my experience a magherita is a lightweight pizza - thin crust, minimal cheese, tomatoes and olives for toppings.  I'd guess 200 calories for 1/6 of a 12" margherita.  By comparison a nice fatty DiGiorno Ultimate 4 Cheese runs 330 calories for the same size slice.

One more question along this when calculating calories for Domino's Pizza do you enter the type of crust and then the toppings to get a total calorie count? 

yep, that's the right way to do it.

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