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How do you calculate on somthing that is not listed in here?

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I work at a hospital and alot of my meals come from the cafeteria. I have asked the dietary manager for a list of the nutrition information on the food that they serve and was told that they couldn't get me a list. So, how do I calculate on stuff that I eat downstairs? For example, today they are having homemade chili. I have no idea what all they put in how would I calculate that on here?

In the past, I have just used the nutrition information on the Wendy's small chili but I worry that I am not getting accurate calorie counts. Any suggestions or ideas?

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I would think that a hospital would need to know nutrition information, for those patients there on restricted diets and allergies? It just seems silly that they can't give you the info. If they really won't give you any info, I would say start baggin' it!

i use this site for counting cals, or just google it.  Dotti's has pretty good estimates as far as restaurant foods.


I have the same problem cuz i can't figure out what the pasta in the salad bar in Ruby Tuesday's is marinaded/sauced in-I assume a ranch/mayo base, so I just use the grocery pasta estimate for the calories.

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