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cafeteria food.....

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i'm in college and usually eat supper at the cafeteria.  i dont know exactly what to do for cals tho. like today i had a wheat wrap w/ teriaki i entered chicken and teriaki seperatly. does anyone else have a problem like this w/ not knowing brands and having to count the cals?? what do you do?
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I do the best I can entering the individual ingredients.  Or, I look up the dish (ie chicken teriyaki) and see if I can find a prepared item that is close to what I had.
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You should really talk to whomever plans the meals at your college's cafeteria.  I went to a smaller state liberal arts college in Texas, and they listed a lot of nutritional information for all their meals, so I wouldn't be surprised if the information is at least available.

Another option is to try the recipe tool on here.  You also might feel silly whipping out a scale, but estimating the weight of food is HARD.
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