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I was wondering if the butts, (the end pieces:) ) of loafs  of bread have just as many, or fewer, calories as all the other slices?.. thats all thats left in the bread drawer is the butts and i dont have time to go to the store. thanks
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I have been wondering about this myself, and hope someone has an answer.  On the one hand, the butts are thinner, so you'd think they have fewer calories.  On the other hand, they're denser, so they may have more.  I imagine the difference is negligable, but I still have wondered about it!  I get paranoid about eating the end pieces!
the "butt" or heel of the loaf?

thats the best and tastiest part, we always fight over that part in my house.

i think its rather paranoid to worry about that, most breads are made with ingredients, that when baked equal a 1 to 1 and a half pound loaf.

They simply divide the calories into 2 once servings, so the calories are a ball park estimate anyway...

so dont worry about it, im sure the "Density" wont matter....
My mom says I'm immature for calling the ends the 'butts' of the breads. Well, she probably just can't keep up with our brilliant minds. ;D

Anyway. Uh, it all depends on the slice size. It only differs a few calories, but if you want to be exact, weigh the slices to get the EXACT calories. Sometimes my butts are massive, sometimes they're flimsy and thin (the bread, mind you).
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That is SO funny! No BODY in my house will eat the butt... The butts get tossed everytime the loaf is gone.

I didn't think anyone ate those either! LOL!
I never heard the bread ends referred to as butts. It is the heel.

If you are worried about differences in calories from the heel or center slice of bread, you are worrying too much imo.

i love the heel of the good.

so... are the ends of bread loaves full of calories or no??

about how muchhhh???????

cuz i ONLY eat the ends. i can't eat the "real" part. it's just not as tasty lol!

I read in another forum that the calories for the butts of bread are the same, but they often have the most nutrients because of baking and the chemical reactions that occur within the bread.

I don't remember what the name of that thread was though =/ 

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