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Butternut squash vs potato

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Amazed when I saw butternut squash put in with potatoes as a starch food.

I just can't eat sweet potatoes, but found steamed butternut squash a nice substitute.  Now I've been told it's just another starch like corn.  

Does anyone have any idea if one's better or worse than the other?

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I think it somewhat comes down to personal choice, but foods that are commonly referred to as "starchy" kind of get a bad rap, they are carbs . . . and we need good carbohydrates to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.  I try to make mine more of the whole grain variety, but I don't stress over the veggie carbs. . . . just for grins and giggles go to the "new recipe" section and get the nutritional value for 1 cup of butternut squash, then try it with 1 cup of sweet potatoes and again for 1 cup of corn and do a comparison.   I tried it because I was curious when I saw your question.  They all have a Grade A and Ifound that butternut squash came in with the lowest cals (63), vit A was off the charts and vit C was really high as well, the swt potatoe was 177 cals, but it was also high in fiber,  vit C . . etc. overall pretty similar.  If you value the lower calories you find in the squash then I suppose you could consider it better for you, but they looked pretty comparable.    Because I am counting my calories I personally liked the values attached to the squash, but in terms of being healthier I think it might be a close call. 

there is nothing wrong with starchy foods.  Both potatoes and squash are high in fiber, various vitamins and minerals.


Each have their own benefits.

'Better or worse' doesn't really apply when it comes to vegetables.  They're all good to have in the diet.    Some starchy vegetables have more fibre or less fibre, some are lower or higher calories per ounce, others have a different vitamin or mineral content....  If you eat a variety of starchy vegetables you get the best of all worlds.
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