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burgers without breadcrumbs

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Does anyone know how to make burgers without breadcrumbs?  I have some really good recipes for both chicken and veggie burgers, but they both use breadcrumbs for binder.  I'm trying to eat without wheat, but almost everything uses bread... :*(


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I never use breadcrumbs in my burgers. Ever. In fact, I'd never even heard of it til just now. For 4-5 burgers, I use one pound of either ground beef or ground turkey and one packet of dry onion soup mix. It's in the soup aisle in a box. Each box comes with two packets, I use one per pound. They're perfect and juicy every time.

I only have experience with beef but I've never used any sort of binder. I've had good results using nothing but beef, salt, and pepper (though I usually add garlic and herbs).

The bread crumbs are used to keep the meat from falling apart when you cook it, in other words its the glue. You can also use one egg per lb to lb and a half of meat. You can also use grated cheese to hold the meat together, I love to add the cheese to my super burgers, YUM! Smile

For really great flavor just mix the ground beef with turkey sausage. OMG it is sooooo good and juicy. I have used ground turkey and turkey sausage also.

Before I started watching my calories I used 2lbs of beef and 1lb of mild breakfast sausage. Mix it together really well. I usually form it into patty's then freeze what I am not planning on using that day.

You won't regret it the taste is fabulous.

Stir your minced beef well before making the burgers....  Agitating meat causes proteins to come to the surface and they act like glue.  It's how commercial companies do it.

I've never used egg or bread crumbs and my burgers stick together just fine.  I use the onion soup mix recipe mentioned already and another good way to get juicy burgers when using very lean meats or 99% fat free turkey breast is to grate (or finley chop) some onion in them or a splash of beef or chicken stock.  Makes them nice and juicy without the added sodium of the soup mix.  Mmmm...I'm thinking turkey burgers tonight for dinner now!  

You don't need breadcrumbs to make burgers. They stay together fine without them. I've never used them.

I don't eat gluten (which is wheat, barley, rye, oats).  I use Ener-G gluten free breadcrumbs when I need them. 

My understanding was that breadcrumbs aren't used to bind the patties - as a few of you have pointed out, burgers stay together by themselves. The breadcrumbs are used to retain the moisture in the burger so that the meat doesn't dry out during cooking.

Bread crumbs in burgers??  Where are you from?  I've never heard of such a thing.....  Good ground beef (I use 90% lean) makes a good burger just with a bit of Seasoned Salt and pepper.  Turkey is good, too. NO breadcrumbs, please.

Original Post by merylwhite1:

My understanding was that breadcrumbs aren't used to bind the patties - as a few of you have pointed out, burgers stay together by themselves. The breadcrumbs are used to retain the moisture in the burger so that the meat doesn't dry out during cooking.

An alternative to breadcrumbs for this is adding minced onion to the ground meat.  It adds great flavor and keeps the burgers nice and juicy.

Funny that so many people haven't heard of breadcrumbs in burgers... every recipe I've got has breadcrumbs (and eggs) in it.  Good to know that breadcrumbs aren't required.  :)

For those who are looking for amazing recipes, try searching "Whitewater Cooks".  It's a recipe book from my local ski hill, and has amazing (and famous) recipies in it - I'm especially fond of their curry chicken burgers and their veggie burgers...  Yummers...

You can simply use the recipes you found and omit the bread crumbs! I never use bread in my burgers and they turn out wonderful! My favorite combo is definitely artichoke hearts, olives & sun dried tomatoes!!! ENJOY!

I make burgers (rissoles in my family) the way my mother taught me using rolled oats (oatmeal).

The basic ingredients for these burgers is:

500 grams extra lean ground beef
1 onion (finely chopped)
1 grated carrot
1 cup rolled oats (oatmeal)
0.5 cups barbecue sauce
1 egg (lightly beaten)

Mix all ingredients together and make into balls before cooking on the barbecue or in a lightly oiled fry pan.


I finally realized that you must be making meatloaf.??..sounds like that to me.

Rissoles aren't meatloaf

I've done it both ways, and have two arguments for using a binder: one, I find that ground turkey is too wet to stay together on it's own (beef is ok but I never use beef any more, I do use bison and it stays together ok), and two, I actually like the taste and texture better with a binder. I recently made bison burgers without a binder and found they were too...meaty for my taste. And I am no vegetarian!

My favorite way to make bison burgers is to add a mess of finely chopped sauteed mushrooms, an egg, a couple of spoons of bbq sauce, a teaspoon of dijon, chopped canned jalepenos, and some cooked bulgur wheat. The bulgur wheat adds a nice flavour and texture and acts as a binder with the egg, the mushrooms make it very moist and juicy and lower the overall calories....but it's still using a wheat product so maybe not helpful here.

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