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broccoli, difference between a "spear" and a "stalk"

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When I log broccoli into my food log I always have trouble logging broccoli, what is the  difference between a "spear" and a "stalk"? and if it is 7" long does tht mean the caloric value is forthe whole stem as well as the florets?  What if I only eat the florets?  The "1/2 cup chopped" option also confuses me .....does that mean chopped fine? or in chunks or what?  Thanks in advance for your help.
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It includes the stem and the florets. Log only what you eat.

If you chop it in chunks or chop it fine, it would make such a small difference, especially if you are talking about 1/2 cup's worth.

Broccoli is so low in calories, I wouldn't worry too much about it. :)

I solved this problem by getting a digital scale, I just weigh everything cuz this stuff was driving me nuts =)



STALK:  the edibile stem without florets
SPEAR:  a section of entire head that includes both stalk and floret

I couldnt find the definition written out so put this in my own words.  Whether florets are included in 7" depends if its a spear or only stalk. 
when it comes to broccoli i think you cut the stem to leave 3inches of stalk thats the part with the most nutrition...another good use for broccoli is for osteoartritis...its a anti-inflamatory veggie.
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