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Breakfast Sandwich for around 150 cal!!

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2 slices natures own wheat bread light (40 cal/slice)

1 slice kraft fat free american cheese (30 cal/slice)

1/4 cup egg beaters (30 cal)

a couple thin slices of any oscar meyer deli meat 97% ff (15 cal)


the smoked turkey i use is 6 pieces for 45 cal 

it's even better if you toast it, and I use it to substitute my jack in the box cravings! YUMMY 

sometimes if i just have a few cals left i'll cut everything in half and just have it on 1 bread. 

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ewy..i cant stand fat free doesnt melt very well has a rubberish texture. I rather get real cheese and besides it has calcium :)

Lol!!! Me, too! Small differences, but I love it, too! Cool

I get the deli to cut a 1 lb. 'slice' for me, and divide it into quarters, then slice these in half to be thick slices, in roughly square shapes. This way, I have 2 oz. portions at 50 calories, of my favorite skinless, smoked turkey breast! Without cooking!  (Jennie-O brand) This is handy for recipes and salads, as well. Boosts my protein without costing me many calories! Laughing

Today I've bought two others to try in ham and chicken, in 1/2 lb. slices. Wink

I use 2% Kraft American cheese, or cut Kraft 2% 'chunk' cheddar into slices, for 45 calories, as a simple bread and cheese sandwich choice. I usually skip the cheese for the egg sandwich, and trade these items around according to my mood.

Have you tried Hellman's Canola mayo? 15 cals a teaspoon, and nice! Laughing

Honestly, the only thing I have had that is fat free that is absolutely not edible to me is the Kraft Fat Free cheese. That stuff is horrible! 

ahh, me too!

kraft fat free cheese is absolutely horrendous! it's flubbery and ewy and tastes like salted plastic. IMO. :P 

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