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breafast cereals. how much is normal for you to eat?

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I find myself eating a lot of cereal esp during the summer. its like my favorite food i guess. my question for you all is how much is a 'normal' serving for you? and a healthy serving? i eat about 2 cups of branflakes with a sprinkle of raisins on top every morning. is that too many carbs for breakfast? 2cups is about 60grams or so.

The box says 60grams is about 215 calories roughly 2 cups. is this too much? how many of you eat lots of cereal for breakfast and what kinds do you like? I live in Japan so i dont have many options. :(

Please share!
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I measure mine out every morning. I just eat what the box says. I don't eat if for a snack or other meals.

I like grape nuts! So do my kids. Odd, I know...

I did have frosted mini wheats last week. I liked them too.
Depends on the day, i roughlly eat 30 to 60g, but ith cinnamon grahams as a treat i have 100g! (410 cals) but they are high salt and sugar, so its not often!!

 it all depends on how full it leaves you!
3/4 of a cup of resee's pieces...with skim  milk (hey, i know it's a kiddie cereal but it's good!) but i'm not a big breakfast eater...
I have 50 grams of Dorset meusli with 50 ml of soymilk. And a fresh fruit on the side. I generally don't eat cereal except at breakfast.

I live in Japan, too.
I <3 cereal!!!! I eat a ton!! Like 5ish cups a day. Perhaps a bit excessive but I'm on the go and its easy to grab and eat. I try to stick to the whole grain ones, and I don't eat the sugary crap so its not bad. One or two cups in the morning, one during the afternoon if I'm hungry, some before bed, if I'm hungry. I love to mix cereal, usually stick to the basic cheerios, chex, grapenuts, Special K, Total and Fiber One. I like to add fruit and nuts too, or spritz with butter spray and add cinnamon and splenda... yum!!!!
I eat a cup of cereal.  I usually pick All Bran, Fiber One, or Cheerios.
i tend to eat 4cups everyday just because i love cereal & its convinient =]

1cup breakfast

2cup snack

and 1 cup dinner lol.
Jul 17 2007 15:37
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I've been really cautious with breakfast cereal for the past 5 months.  I used to eat a cup or two a day of raisin bran or frosted mini wheats - just fill the bowl up and add the milk.  But then I had my fasting blood glucose tested and it was sky high.  Being overweight compounded the problem.  The daily breakfast cereal and milk routine was the first thing to go, on my doctor's recommendation, and I replaced it with peanut buttered toast.  In combination with watching my calories, my blood glucose level dropped to a normal level within a week.

It struck me afterwards that I was eating the cereal because it was healthy - lots of fiber, vitamins, etc.  But cereal does present your body with a lot of processed carbohydrates that are easy to digest.  If you can use them up, fine, but if you're overweight and sedentary like I was, watch out.
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according to my dietitian, the best time to eat carbs is in the morning because it fills you up so you wont feel like snacking mid-day and it releases serotonin (feel-good chemicals in the brain) so thats why its so important to have a good breakfast. and the servings on the boxes are hardly anything, i usually find that up to double the amount on the box is enough to fill me up. breakfast should be the most hearty meal of the day, after all, you haven't eaten all night. =)
You just have to watch how much you're having closely. A bowl is not a cup or a serving!
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P.S. the best cereals to have are ones that take longer to digest as that means it stays in your system for longer, therefore you're fuller for longer. he suggested: muesli, bran, plain shreddies, scottish rolled oats. instant oats are a no-no, i used to have one oatso-simple sachet every morning until he told me that they're no good as they're already pre-digested before they're even in your system so you get hungry quickly afterwards.

i've had very bad experiences with cereal and binging but i think i've now discovered something that works for me =) in the mornings i have a mix of high fruit muesli (i cant stand nuts) and bran flakes. it satisfies me and i dont feel like i want more (unless i'm starving!). i also add some berries. breakfast is my favourite meal of the day =)
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its not just me saying that a serving isn't actually a serving, my dietitian told me =P lol he said the serving amount on the boxes are only enough to satisfy a small child.

just thought i'd stick that in there lol
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That's the problem I had with cold cereal, I would eat at least 4 servings instead of 2 because 2 wasn't enough for me. Combined with all the milk I was throwing in the bowl, it's no wonder I started losing weight as soon as I gave up cold cereal

Now I eat 2 servings of oatmeal and that is enough for me.
Jul 17 2007 16:43
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Sasha_nagra, I like your dietitian's comment about "pre-digested".  I've spent a lot of time studying glycemic indexes of many foods, and have found that there are big differences in the index for the same food, depending on how it's prepared.  In general the more a carbohydrate is cooked, the easier it is to digest, resulting in a higher blood glucose effect 2 hours after eating (glycemic index).  The best examples I can think of are rice and carrots.  Boiled whice rice can have an index in the 50-60 range, but if the same rice is cooked in a rice cooker the index will double - the index for jasmine rice cooked this way is over 100 - higher than the effect you get eating 50g of straight glucose!  Same thing for carrots - raw the index is very low (16), but if cooked the index shoots up - one test was as high as 90.  In sum, the more work you do on carbohydrates to make them digestable, the faster they go into the bloodstream as glucose.

Here's the link to University of Sydney's glycemic index site:
I usually always eat a serving (3/4 cup) of cereal every night. If I'm lower on protein, I have Special K Protein Plus. If I'm lower on iron, I have All-Bran with cinnamon on top. I eat it dry, piece by piece, so it lasts a long way.

Bran flakes are very healthy, so don't worry about eating too much of it (unless you find yourself downing a whole box.. :D). It has whole grains, iron, and fiber. Adding the raisins yourself is also much more healthy than buying the bran with raisin mix - those cereals add extra sugar.
I generally see what the calorie count is for the type of cereal I feel like having. In general I try to stick to about 400 cals per meal. Due to my work schedule, I've had to adapt my breakfast routine as I don't have the time at home to eat a full meal and it's too long after I get up to eat when I get to work. I usually have 2 slices of whole wheat toast w/about 2-3 teaspoons of PB (in total, not on each slice) as I'm getting ready and/or driving to work. This usually gets my body going and holds me over until I can eat something more substantial (I usually bring 1 servings worth of cereal (depending on calorie count) and 1/4-1/2 c 2% milk with me.) Sometimes I will make it a meal in itself and add a medium banana mashed with 1T of wheat germ, but then I don't need to eat until my mid morning snack so ether way works - just depends on my mood.

There are times when I want to have just cereal for breakfast in which case I will adapt my serving size to get close to my calorie intake for that meal, however, 2 cups of shredded mini wheats is ALOT to take in at one time with milk! LOL It really depends on the cereal, how full one serving makes you and what you want to get from it - sometimes we just need a sweet treat, so if you stick to your serving size and add something else, like toast & pb or some yogurt or fruit, you can make up for what's lacking in the serving size.


I eat either Kashi Golean or oatmeal for breakfast pretty much every day. I go by the serving size, it's enough for me. 215 calories isn't that much, one serving of Kashi Golean has 140. I love Kashi Golean, it has 13g of protein and 10g of fiber! It's not very sweet, and it's pretty crunchy but I absolutely love it with fruit yogurt. I let it sit in the milk for a few moments before I eat it so it's not so crunchy. It also tastes great with sliced fruit like bananas.

I get 300 calories for breakfast.

Some days, I will have one cup of a high fiber cereal (regardless of serving size on the box), plus 1/2 cup of unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze. That leaves me enough calories to have something else WITH my cereal .... fruit or cheese or eggs or veggies or yogurt. (I like having choices.)

I currently have 3 different kinds of Kashi high fiber cereals, and 1 type of Trader Joe's high fiber cereals.


=^..^= MOLLY

I usually eat 3/4 cup, as it's pretty filling. Occasionally might do 1 cup if I'm really hungry.

Yummy cereal! 

Since I like it so much I have a full cereal bar set up in a section of my kitchen.  But I have set it up carefully.  Everything is in jars with scoops, so I cant BS myself about the amounts.  Each has a real 1/4 measuring cup, so I cant live in denial about what I am putting in my bowl. 

This also lets me trade around.  Somedays it is a 1/4 cup of ginger granola mixed with a 1/2 cup of bran flakes.  Another day is Kashi Go Lean mixed with PJ granola.  This creates completely new tastes and keeps things interesting.  It also lets me have that sweet crunchy granola taste without a full dose of its sugars.

I also keep ground flax seeds on hand.  I take a sealable shake container (I like former parm cheese shakers) and I keep it frozen.  Flax seed spoils fast, this way it keeps fresh. I keep a Tblspoon measuring scoop in there.  Then when I have a bowl of cereal I throw on the flax seed.  Instant Omega 3 healthy fat.  Mixes right in.  It works well with cold cereal because flax can spoil if cooked.

My biggest reaction though, to this subject, is the MILK.   There is the culprit.  I only drink skim, but that is still ALOT of carbs.  I keep the milk level down.  At least milk is good for protein.   ::Big smile:: ~ Lost Artist

p.s. All of the cereal options in my kitchen are whole grain.  Fiber makes you feel fuller and does great things for your body. 

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