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For bread lovers with weight loss goals

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I found a bread today called earth grains 35 at walmart for $0.98. It has 70 calories 5 of them fat for a 2 slice serving size. The miracle is it actually tastes great.  I hope this will help me on my weight loss goals because bread is a big part of my diet.

Has anyone else found any great diet breads or other options that I can try? If so what and where did you purchase it?

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I eat the Nature's own Honey Wheat light.  it is very good and 40 calories a slice.  Not sure of the price but it is very good!



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Thanks for the two tips.  I will try to find the Earth Grains 35 at Wal-Mart and look for Nature's Own Honey Wheat Light.

I've tried to give up bread and pasta and that tends to make me crazy. 

i eat the Nature's own sugar free bread for 50 cals per slice. did you know that the "light" labeled nature's own breads have HFCS?

I used to eat "light" wheat breads, but then I switched to organic, sprouted flax seed bread made by Alvarado Street Bakery ... much healthier for me .... and only 50 calories a slice. I figured it was worth the extra 10 calories a slice over lower calorie bread to get organic, sprouted whole grains.

(You can buy it online direct from the bakery, or at Trader Joes!)

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I've all but eliminated bread from my diet because I couldn't find any that had "fair" nutritional values and that tastes good; thanks for the pointers.


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