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Bread...should you limit how much you eat??

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I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on bread and if you should limit the amount you eat ??

I only eat wholemeal bread, and today I was planning on having 4 slices of it- is that OK- or too much??

I had a tuna sandwich of lunch (2 slices of bread) and I have a couple of eggs in my fridge that need using up so for tea tonight I was going to boil them and have another 2 slices of bread (toasty soliders! Smile )

The bread is 100 calories per slice- I can eat 4 slices and easily stay in my calorie limit for today, is there another reason not to consume so much bread??

I remember my Mum telling me years ago that you can't loose weight if you eat bread- is this truth or rubbish??!!

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Jenny XX

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There's no real reason why you shouldn't be able to incorporate a few slices of wholemeal bread in your diet each day and not lose weight.  Weight-loss ultimately boils down to calories in vs calories out.  

What I would say, however, is that you should try to get a good variety of different foods.   It's not good in general to get too much of one single food since you risk missing out on different nutrition available elsewhere.   Wholemeal bread is a great food but there are others.  Another day you could have the lunchtime tuna on a jacket potato, for example, or make it into a salad with some kidney beans or pasta...  

Enjoy the bread... ! 

May 18 2009 23:33
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over the last year i have mainly eaten 4 slices of bread daily .....( weight watchers bread or danish bread) and i have not gained any weight .....

i agree with gi jane.   eating bread isnt bad as long as you eat a variety of nutritious stuff.  i know that at one point i was probably eating almost 80-90 % of my food in the form of carbs.  Thats definately bad, but bread in general isnt.    Its best to find a balance of foods that works for you.  If bread isnt causing you any noticable problems then there's probably a reason for that.  Good luck!

I agree with everything above. Your mom was spouting rubbish...or at least, rubbish without context.  If all you had as a meal complement or a meal was bread, that would probably end up badly.  But having a slice or two with a sandwich or eggs is not a bad thing.

I myself eat (I think) rather high calorie bread...a german delicatessen rye (one slice-it's big-cut in half) almost everyday in a lunch sandwich...white bread (2 slices) in pbj...white bread (4 slices toasted) for tuna salad sandwiches.  I mix these meals up throughout my week with lots of other things (fruits, veggies, meats) and it all works out.

Bread is nice Smile

If it makes you feel better, Sara Lee makes a 45 calorie - per - slice bread you could try.  It's whole wheat and has fiber and all.

Original Post by tealparadise:

If it makes you feel better, Sara Lee makes a 45 calorie - per - slice bread you could try.  It's whole wheat and has fiber and all.

 It's actually pretty good, even if the slices are a bit thin.  I eat at least one slice on most days and sometimes get up to as many as four.  I try to balance it with the protein in my sandwhich with maybe a side of veggies or a piece of fruit.  I'm relatively new to this, but it's worked out so far.

Jennya, i am really glad you started this thread because i always wondered the same thing :D i was always told that eatting bread, or in excess, is bad... i guess because of carb issue??

I am glad that you can set us straight! :D

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