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Is bread fatttening??

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So i really thought that bread was fattening and that is why I havent been eating for the past 2 weeks since I started my diet. But what I didnt know was that it really isnt fattening and all and really is good to eat because it gives you energy throughout the day.

Maybe you boys and girls knew this and some of you didnt, but I think it's interesting that articles that I found. I hope this helps some of you because I was totally clueless as to not eating bread.

Article 1

Is Bread Fattening? No. Bread is NOT fattening.
Bread is one of the ESSENTIAL FOODS in a healthy weight loss plan.

Bread Doesn't Make us Overweight In 23 years of helping men, women and teenagers to lose weight, I have never met one single dieter who was overweight because they ate too much bread!

Truth is, no one gets fat by eating too much bread or too many potatoes. These foods are wonderful for weight loss. They satisfy our appetite and keep us full for longer. It's only when we add FAT to them that they become fattening.

Make Bread Part of Your Diet
  • Start eating regular bread and potatoes.
  • Choose whole wheat or wholegrain bread.
  • Choose baked/boiled potatoes, not fries.
  • If you must add fat, add a LITTLE.
Next time someone tells you bread is fattening or bad for dieters, put a banana in your ear and squawk. It makes more sense than saying that bread is bad for weight loss.

Article 2 high-in-calories.htm

Is Bread Fattening? No, bread is not fattening. An average slice of bread contains about 70 calories.
For details, click:
Calorie Chart Showing Calories in Bread

Remember: Bread makes us full before it makes us fat!

Bread Calories & Health
  • Choose whole wheat bread for extra nutrition and stomach-filling qualities.
  • Use only a thin coating of butter or spread.
  • When making savoury sandwiches, add plenty of salad.
  • Don't be afraid of bread - it's a nutritious food and good for weight loss.
  • That said, some bread-products ARE high in calories.
  • A 2oz muffin contains about 165 calories.
  • A 4oz chocolate chip muffin is high in calories (350-400) and fat (15g+).
  • A 2oz croissant is also high in calories (240) and fat (12g).
Well I hope this helps some of you helped me!! And I thought I would share it with you.
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I have been saying this for years!!  I work out and I just don't think that it makes sense to not eat bread!! I even had a Doctor tell me to cut out all carbs including bread!  It jsut makes no sense to me!
hehe.. how's this for screwy.. my dr. said to cut out carbs.. his staff nutritionist said to cut out simple carbs but still eat them!  haha.. bread is the staff of life.. and has been for a very long time.. there's a reason for that.. it's good for you.. refined flour isn't.. so go for whole grain bread and enjoy your sandwiches again!!!  :)  
people always told me, stay away from bread and stuff, i never thought it could be ok. lol Its my weakness, lol Im glad i can eat it now without feeling so guilty lol
I also thought I had to cut out bread, for one thing because of the calories in 2 slices was like 140. But I found this bread I really like it's Aunt Millie's Honey Wheat Bread Light. Only 40 cals per slice. 2.5 g fiber and 2 g protein and only .5 g of fat. It's also a good source of calcium. I don't feel guilty now having bread.
I agree that bread and potatoes aren't intrinsically bad for you, but I think the key is moderation. I don't see that point made in the first article.  And I do disagree that you can't get fat from bread.  I love bread and I used to eat way too much of it. It's one of my "trigger" foods, but I'm learning to master it.

In moderate, appropriate portions, bread is fine. But for someone to say bread and potatoes can not make you fat.... well, clearly that person has not seen the way I can eat bread and potatoes!

Also, I got a big surprise on day when I logged my baked potato into my food log.  I weighed it before eating and found out that one potato had 239 calories in it.  Granted, it was a big potato, but I never would have thought my plain potato had that many calories. I should have only eaten half that potato.

Kellie that's why I posted this article. I never used to eat bread and when I did I felt bad because I thought it used to blow me up, but it's not so bad when eaten with the right propotions...
I agree that bread is healthy, especially whole grain bread. BUT if you're eating out, be aware of this fact: Studies have shown that people who nosh off the bread plate before their entree arrives are much more likely to overeat at that meal.

So, if you're in a restaurant, and you like bread, the advice is to take the bread only after your meal arrives, and you're at least halfway through it (if you still want it by then - most restaurant meals are heavy enough in calories that you don't need the bread. Save it for a sandwich or snack at home or work).

I never really understand what that mean "Is it fattening?"  my mom asks me that...and I always say "well it depends".  Anything in excess is going to make you fat (ok probably not fruits and veggies and lean protein) but you know what I mean... or does that comment have to do with fat in things and clog your arteries.  i am never sure.

I don't think we should use the word "fattening" any more.
i agree dcgirl.... even if ate 3500 cals of fruit a day, you'd still gain weight (in the form of fat!). so too much of ANYTHING is fattening, even if it has 0 g fat. right? i'm so weird and out of it today....
It's all good, as long as you fit it into your daily calorie allowance and watch your balance of fats, carbs and protein, and your sodium and fiber intake. 

I love bread and I'd never even think of giving it up.  I just don't eat one piece after another, slathered with butter or jam (or both).  I have learned to be happy with just one piece at a meal.
This is the way I see it. If you want to look and and feel like bread, go ahead and eat it. This is out of my own personal experience. And I was only eating two whole-wheat, lean turkey sandwiches for lunch everyday, and the pounds came with it every time. When I completely cut out bread, the weight left with it. Replace those carbs with brown rice or a baked potato and tell me nothing changes.
Last year I asked my doctor what do I have to do to lose some weight and the first thing she said was to give up bread. So I did. I lost lots of kgs but I also gave up on fast food and junk food so I can't say it was just the bread.
I switched from enriched white to wheat.  I eat more sandwiches now than I have in a very long time.  I eat one sandwich a day maybe 4 days a week.  I'm at 47 pounds down(so far). 

Grant it, I have changed a heck of a lot more things than just the bread.  I'm just saying, I increased my bread intake, increased my fruit and veggie intakes too, but decreased fried foods. 

I agree:  moderation, moderation, moderation.
I could never give up bread completely. I switched to wheat bread though. I try to cut out the carbs like saltine crackers and corn flakes. I did have a cup of corn flakes today, but it has been a while and I did work out.

If we eat too much bread or too many potatoes we will undoubtably gain weight. Carbohydrates are digested into a blood sugar called glucose, which is then used to fuel our bodies for work or exercise. However, if our blood sugar level is higher than necessary, the excess will be stored as fat.


I switched to either whole wheat or whole grain. I have bread at each meal but not "white" or "enriched" bread. More and more restaurants offer it even if not obvious. Ask at all sandwich shops, etc. I have bread three times a day. Combined with proper diet and daily exercise I'm stable at 190lbs for over a year now which is down from 248. Bread is fine. 

Bread has been a food staple for thousands of years. So many Americans have an unhealthy view of carbs, and I think it's really sad. I just spent several months abroad, and white bread was a major component of just about every meal I ate. Sometimes it was my entire lunch. Right now, I'm really missing my daily fresh bread. A lot of breads made in America, even whole wheat ones, are filled with corn syrup/sugars and other processed ingredients and preservatives. I'd chose a baguette over just about any grocery store loaf, even those that seem healthy, like Oroweat/Arnold. I stay far far away from those types of breads and stick to those with basic ingredients -- flour, water, yeast, and salt. Plain Ezekial bread is my favorite.

i think the big phobia is over the carbs not the fat... as long as you get whole grain breads and brown rice versus white so at least there is some nutritional value to them.. i myself love wheat bread, red potatoes, and brown rice... i don't think i could ever do w/o carbs completely

Original Post by steveday01:

However, if our blood sugar level is higher than necessary, the excess will be stored as fat.

If the number of calories you eat is higher than the calories you burn, the excess will be stored as fat.  Regardless of whether those calories come from carbs, fat, or protein.

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