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the bread crust

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is the crust on bread the same amount of calories as the bread.  or is the crust the more calorie dense part of the bread.
i like the crust best so i imagine it is the more caloric part to the bread.  idk it always seems heartiest.  i love the end peice of the loaf of bread.  does anyone know if it is more calorie dense then the same peice that isn't crust, just curious?

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I was never one of those kids that threw her crusts away.  Like you I love the end bit of a loaf of fresh bread.

You might find this interesting. 1/acs-bca110402.php

I would imagine that it's the same number of calories per gram; however, the crust may actually weigh more than a middle slice.

i would guess it would only be a difference of a few calories. over the long-term average of crust pieces versus centre pieces eaten it will average out to being the same to your body! In your daily total the few calories difference are not worth fretting over.

depends on your perspective and your anal retentiveness. 

All calorie amounts are approximate anyway so just go with what the bag says, take a deep breath, and think about something more fun :) 

think about bread dough, it's all one consistent substance. so when you bake a loaf the calories per gram are the same EVERYWHERE. the crust is just exposed to more of the heat so it gets a bit more dry than the rest of the loaf. so if you only ate the crust it might be heavier by volume, so therefore more calories, but if you were to have an end piece of bread for example it's usually smaller so probably about the same weight, and therefore the same calories, as a slice from the middle. make sense? 

 Interesting.  Everybody should be eating toast, then.

OP:  Calorie wise, it's the same.

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thanks everyone.

good article backinthenines.

I usually Only eat the crusts.


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