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Is Bread Bad For you?

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Every second morning i have a slice of toast with peanut butter. Everyday i have a sandwich for lunch - 2 slices of bread.

my choice of bread is wholewheat bread.

last night i watched a health documentary. a woman who is a professional builder (she was huge and muscular) was put on a diet of one loaf of bread a day and only 5000 steps a day.

after the week. her skin was all loose - she was able to pull the loose skin from her body and she was all bloated. her muscles were no longer defined and she became very tired and lazy.

i know that was a loaf a day. i eat a loaf a week. in the long run it cant be that good?

should we even bother eating bread or can it be possible to cut it completely out of my diet?
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I am no dietitian, but may running sites will tell you that bread is good for runners, so it cannot be all bad. I think the problem is more with the commercially produced breads that be high in unhealthy things, such as sodium.
i eat a lot of bread too sometimes i will have a slice of toast with low cal and fat butter for breckfast and then prob a sanwhitch for lunch some mornings i will have weetabix with milk and canderell i wouldnt say bread was bad for you jus try not too eat to much. i can relate to the loaf a week because i have 2 children and a partner who eat lots of bread too i tend to buy a loaf a day it goes like hot cakes in this house... not like i have hot cakes lying about too much of a temptation..
i know bread does cause bloating

maybe if i try rather have various salads for lunch instead of a sandwich but still have my slice toast with my cereal in the morning!
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i think it's fine to have whole grain bread in moderation.  i often make "fork sandwiches" usually using only one slice of bread, with all the toppings on it.   it's the refined flour and sugar in white bread that is really not good for you.   it digests too quickly, and causes insulin spikes.  not to mention it's missing a lot of good nutrients.
It's too much white bread that's "bad" for you.  The important things are to limit portion size and eat whole grain.  Read those labels!
white bread is bad for you. and look for 100% whole wheat bread, with whole wheat being the first ingredient. i personally don't eat bread very often. maybe once a week, tops. i feel like i'm spending a lot of calories on fluff. i use a lot of pitas, i like the sandwich pockets. then i'm able to use more calories on things that will keep me fuller longer (protein and fiber) inside the pocket.

some people have allergies or problems with gluten. they have gluten free bread. never tried it (don't really eat bread) but if you are curious, it's worth a shot.
Nature's Own Light is only 40 cals per slice, 5 net carbs, 2 grams fiber and comes in Sourdough, Wheat and Honey Wheat.  Yum!
if you have bloating after you eat bread, that means that your body is having an immune response to it... which means that you could have an allergy to wheat (I've read that it's the most common food allergy in the US)

food allergies can be severe or mild - your body's reaction is your best clue about this

If you're concerned, try eliminating all wheat for 2 weeks. (It's not that easy to do, just because of the convenience factor).  Then have some toast or bread again.  If you get a mucous response in your sinuses, or severe bloating, or GI distress, then you're probably allergic to wheat, or more likely, to gluten - a protein found in wheat (and rye, barley, oats etc.)

Some people have celiac disease, and can't have any gluten without very unpleasant consequences.

I think I read that only 1 or 2 percent of people have this allergy.
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Hi do you remeber the cake recipe on last nights show with the carrots and pumpkin seeds, I am talking about the bodybuilder bread eating chaos.

Please do tell me.
first off, only 5,000 steps a day? I probably do that on my least active day. One loaf of bread(about 1700 cals) as the only source of calories, not good. Whole Wheat bread is very good for you. the person on this diet would need massive amounts of suppliments to get the daily nutrition they would need (vitamin a, b complexes, omega 3 ,6, & 9, calcium, Vitamin C, Calcium, Vitamin D, Iron, ect). calories in/calories out is a main point in losing weight, but what's also important is where those caloiries come from.

Almost any dietition/nutritionist would tell you that eating only one food for you diet, no matter how good for you it is, is unhealthy in the long run. There are many micronutrients that are found in certain foods, but many are also missing. Varitety is key to ensure proper health. If you eat wheat bread,.that's great! Just make sure you don't do as the body builder did. Eat a variety of foods, and be healthy.
Well of course if you eat ONLY bread you're not going to be healthy.  Like everyone said, go for whole grain and preferably all-natural/organic if you can afford it, because all mainstream name-brand whole wheat breads contain high fructose corn syrup.  Ew.  Ezekiel sprouted grains are good.  They keep you full for a really long time and each slice is only 80 cals, which really isn't bad considering you get lots of fiber.  They also have flax and hemp breads so you can get your omega-3s with less calories than, say, olive oil.
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Love bread. I have my own bread machine and make whole grain breads all the times. Bread is a staple of our food pyramid, it's good for ya.
I have taken all bread out of my diet including flat bread.  I find that when I eat it , the yeast(i guess) makes me bloat out and feel more hungry all the time.. since taking out bread, and eating mostly veg and fruit i feel away better
It's not bad for me. A steady diet of processed foods of any kind is probably not a great idea, but I bake a few loaves of bread per month and I've still consistently lost weight and never suffered any ill health effects. I use varying combinations of Unbleached White, Whole Wheat, and sometimes Semolina flours.

I'd be more concerned about what you put on it, what you eat with it, and how much you eat.
Totally agree with greyskies - how can they think they proved anything?? I bet if I ate nothing but spinach for 1 week I bet I wouldn't feel or look good either - I have heard it's not easy being green... :)   

According to Canada's Food Guide you should have 5-10 servings of Grain foods per day - the amount is based on age, sex and activity level - bread is a grain and one slice is one serving - be a label reader and try to get as close to natural as you can!! Enjoy your toast and sandwiches!! 
I was just told three days ago that i have Celia Disease,

Well the had part about it that i can never eat anything with Glutten in it.

Im German and i love my bread :)

I haven't found a store in my area that serves people like me, so i'm ging a bit crazy right now with it.
what about rye and pumpernickel breads? i LOVE em, but are they bad for you? i always assumed the darker the bread the better :D
Rye is good for you. Pumpernickel depends, it is usually a combination of wheat and rye.

If you are celica, wheat , oats, barley and rye are all of limits

 I love bread and eat it (100% whole wheat) everyday. I look for breads with as few ingedients as possible and no corn syrup or trans fats. I many other foods too though.

Living on any one food is very bad for you, no matter how good it is for you is always a very bad idea.
I usually eat a piece of toast with peanut butter at the end of the day to up my calories. Bread is good for you, in moderation. A loaf a day? Not so much.
worlddaggers, has a message board about cooking for allergies on their health channel.  I've noticed that many of their members are on gluten free diets.  Maybe they could offer you some advice.  If you want, I'll try to post the link for you.

I also think if you google "gluten free recipes" you'll find a lot of information.

Good luck!  You have a great attitude and I know you'll be fine!
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