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I eat a lot of bread daily is it bad? Hw much sld i hv
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No, it's not bad. 

And you can have it whenever you like, as long as you take into account your calorie requirements. 

Doesn't matter. As long as you stick to your carb/calorie intake then it's fine.

What? NO! It's not fine. 

If you're eating bread when you could be eating foods with more nutritional value than it's not okay. If you are getting your 10 servings of fruit/veg per day and still feel that you need more carbs on top of that, then go ahead a eat SOME bread. But bread should not be the staple of your diet. 

You should be getting the majority of your carbs from fruits and vegetables, and if you must eat bread, it should be WHOLE GRAIN and SPROUTED. 

Calories are calories only works to an extent. If you care about your health, then you need to pay attention to nutrition as well. 

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Breads should be kept to a minimum.
Apr 01 2012 16:39
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u sld hv 2 pc no mr.

No kidding.

I eat a ton of good thick whole wheat bread, and I look fine! Bread is so good for you! And it's yummy! One slice of whole wheat bread has 5 grams of protein... that's pretty good if you ask me! 

Potato chips, candy, icing, etc... these are things that should be kept to a minimum. There is nothing wrong with bread in the slightest.

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Candida cleanse
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