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Which brand of yogurt is healthier?

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Hello there, I'd like to know which yogurt is a healthier choice. I've been eating Danon Activia (100 cal) for a week and then I switched to Source (35 cal) for a week. I've heard that some products that "claim" to be healthier that are calorie reduced are worse than the more cal ones. I'd like to know which yogurt is a better choice when coming to a healthier yogurt or even suggesting some yogurt brands that are even more healthy compared to the two I mentioned.
Appreciate it and thanks. (:

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I eat Dannon Activa, too. I think it's pretty healthy. It's either that or Okios/Fage greek yogurt. Or plain yogurt and sweetening yourself, which is what most people suggest. 

Depends, do you mean healthy just as low-cal or healthy as in natural without artificial additives like sucralose? Either way, it's pretty easy to tell by looking at the label. If you are going for a more natural yogurt, Dannon light n fit has lots of sucralose in it, so I'd stay away from that.

Here are some yummie "yogurt"-

Fage 0% yogurt (90 calories)

That's all I can think of. XD

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Chiobani greek yogurts are awesome!

Yogurt is soooo good for you, but read the ingredients!

Look for no artificial sweetners (aspartame, sucralose)

No corn syrup

It's your call on "sugar" as an ingredient.  In my opinion "evaporated cane juice" is better than sugar (less processed), but sugar is better than the artificial stuff.  Your best bet is just plain old organic yogurt.  Whatever it is your eating with 35 calories most definitely has all sort of food additives, because that much milk would have more than 35 cals, right? (so its gotta be full of other "fillers")

I buy plain nonfat or lowfat in a big tub and sweeten it with berries, all fruit jam, or agave syrup, a natural sweetener from the agave plant.  It doesn't cause spikes in blood sugar like regular sugar does.  It can be a bit hard to find but is becoming more and more common.  It tastes like honey but better for you! I also love to put cinnamon in it for dessert, which makes it taste "sweet" with no sugar.  Plus, cinnamon is TOTES good for you.

Also, check for the number of bacteria added to the yogurt.  The more the better! The yogurts I like have 6. (By the way, I like Stonyfield Farm and Nancy's.)



thanks so much for the advice and suggestions!
I took a look at the Source yogurt and I found out it does have some more additives than I thought. Tomorrow I'll go grocery shopping and investigate some yogurt ingredients ;D

Out of those two - neither. Both are full of additives and artifical sugars and flavors. You're best off just buying plain, nonfat yogurt and adding your own chopped fruits or honey for flavoring, if you must.

Then you don't have to worry about "investigating" labels. The only ingredients listed should be skim milk and live active cultures.

Here are a few brands to look for...

  • Stoneyfield Farms
  • Cascade Fresh
  • Brown Cow
  • Dannon Naturals (be sure to get the plain variety)
  • 365 Whole Foods
  • Fage 0%
  • Chobani
  • Oikos


plain, no sugar added, nonfat yogurt from stoneyfield farms. Delicious! I add homemade granola and fruit and it's the most perfect dessert or snack.

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Half a container of plain low or nonfat yogurt (homemade if you've got it, but Dannon is usually an inexpensive choice which contains live culture), 1/4 cup frozen berries and 1/2 teaspoon of real maple syrup. I count it as 75 calories.

I am a HUGE fat free plain greek yogurt lover! (Chobani, Oikos, Fage) I usually buy whatevers on sale.

But since I dont mind artificial sweeteners I also like Dannon carb control yogurts which have 2 grams sugar nad 45-50 calories and taste pretty creamy.

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Original Post by mars_0112:

I eat Dannon Activa, too. I think it's pretty healthy. It's either that or Okios/Fage greek yogurt. Or plain yogurt and sweetening yourself, which is what most people suggest. 


dannon activa there is nothing healthy about it dannon had better fire jamie lee curtis is a liar as a matter of fact dannon activa is the worst yogurt on the market breyers is the very best yogurt to buy

I don't care whether yogurt is low-calorie or not, but my favorite all natural options are as follows:

Chobani (blueberry, strawberry, peach, raspberry, strawberry-banana and pomegranate flavors)

Fage honey flavor

Oikos chocolate flavor

Dannon All Natural coffee flavor

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