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Is a blueberry muffin every day, "safe"?

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I used to eat blueberry muffins (love them so much) for breakfast every day, along with oatmeal or cereal w/ milk, and a fruit. I usually get the fat-free or low-fat ones. I decided not to eat them anymore, because they're muffins, and it just sounds bad to eat every day >:O

Are they really bad? Is it healthy to eat them every day?

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lovestoned.. have you tried vitamuffins?? they come in blueberry ... i personally havent tried it but i've tried other flavors and they are about 100 cal with a good amount of fiber, protein, and vitamins.. not to mention really filling!
Thanks for the tips/info guys :)

Blueberry muffins are my love <3
as long as you stay within your daily calorie range, eat all the muffins you like.
Be careful with those muffins, especially if you buy them from a bakery. I'm a baker at a grocery store and I know for a fact that the muffins we make are at least 600-700 calories each. Then you gotta add the fact that we add sugar on top to make them look pretty or some other sort of topping. I'm sure even the low fat muffins we make have 400-500 calories. You gotta remember that when a lot of manufacturers take away fat they add sugar to make up for it. instead of eating on for breakfast everyday try eating one before a really hard workout and then you still get your treat and you burn it off at the same time ;)
If you must have them, I agree with most of the above.
Stay within your calorie range and try and choose ones that aren't huge and unhealthy and you should be fine.
It's all about moderation, not deprivation, after all.

I also saw the mention of the Blueberry Vitamuffin. I eat them often. They are only 100 calories and full of fiber goodness.
Now, they aren't the same as a huge muffin from Dunkin Donuts or an Otis Spunkmeyer muffin or anything, but they are tasty and they are a healthier option.

Hey, as far as a "must have", blueberry muffins aren't bad.
You COULD have a chocolate addiction. (while very tasty too, not nearly as easy a habit to break, if you ask me :)

i second the bluebran vitamuffins. they are delicious. if you are going to get hooked on them though, make sure you can afford them on a regular basis. they aren't that cheap and only come four to a box.
Also, Weight Watchers makes a delicious 180-calorie blueberry muffin with only 4 grams of fat.  It has no trans-fat either.  To me it tastes just like a regular blueberry muffin.  I find them at my local supermarket.

mmmm... vitamuffins are SO good!! I haven't tried the blueberry ones but the chocolate ones are very yummy.

Yes, they are expensive. Where I get them it is $6 for a box of 4, so $1.50 each. However, I think muffins cost that much at Starbucks anyway, so for a treat it is fine for my budget, and I feel much better about myself than if I ate a muffin at Starbucks!



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have you ever tried real blueberries in your oatmeal ???? maybe that could be your new love, they prob sell frozen ones. just a thought. and maybe on the weekends muffins :)

I say eat what you want, but if its high in calories, is it worth eating less for the rest of the day? thats what we have to decide

god luck

Sometimes the recipes from other people on CC help with this kind of stuff. You can probably find a low calorie blueberry muffin recipe on here that incoorperates protein powder or some other good stuff.
pre-made muffins are evil.  tasty, but evil.  i love them.  however, where the package says 210 calories or whatever, it means 210 calories per SERVING and there are TWO SERVINGS in one muffin!  i was very upset when i discovered this.  i vote for either making your own or buying the weight watchers or vitamuffins (i've never had either).  however, i can't say much, because i build in calories for treats...  if you're willing to do that for a muffin, go for it!
What local store do you find Vitamuffins at, or do you have to order them online?
xrunner where do you live? i'm in CT and i've found them at most big grocery chains- shaws, stop & shop, price chopper... but know some people just can't find them nearby so they have to order online
I'm out in Colorado.  I'll check some of the local stores like Vitamin Cottage and Whole Foods next time I'm in, but we don't have any of the three you mentioned.

They have a store locator on the site, 

Around me they carry them at Giant apparently, too bad I don't shop there!

I discovered they carry a very LIMITED selection at my local SuperFresh.
Deep chocolate is among the selection, along with the bluebran muffin.

The bluebran ones are a very smart substitution if you simply cannot kick the one a day habit :)
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