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Bloated after drinking milk - because of lactose?

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I found out recently that I get bloated up very very seriously after I drink milk. I guess I'm lactose intolerent?

Does it mean i can drink lactose free milk will not be bloated as much? Is lactose free milk 100% lactose free?
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You should try alternatives to all dairy products for a while, perhaps.  Soya non-dairy products are quite palatable, for example.  And do check ingredients lists of other foods because lactose tends to creep in where you don't expect. 

i have issues with milk, eggs, yogurt, ice cream... but cheese seems okay... i think because i eat cheese a lot and i don't eat the other products much... for milk, i just use soy milk... and honestly, i think it tastes better!

Yes, the bloated feeling is likely lactose intolerance.  That's how I learned that I was lactose intolerant.

Everyone's a little different as to what they can eat.  I can have a little lactose without any trouble at all -- I eat cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and milk for my tea and coffee with no trouble.  But fluid milk causes severe diarrhea if I drink more than half a cup.  I'd experiment to see what you can handle.

Some people like the lactose-free milk, which shouldn't give you any problems unless you are very severely lactose intolerant.  I prefer soy milk.  Try different things until you find something you like!

i have the same problem. i love dairy but i had a sinus infection so they gave me antibiotics....which killed my good and bad enzymes. this is the product that works the BEST. and ive tried everything, and i mean EVERYTHING! the rest of them are pretty much B.S. li.html

and heres where i buy it: rcontent_ektid10036.aspx

you take one per day regardless of milk or not and then when you have it everything is a-okay.


lactose intolerance happens when your body cannot break down the sugar in milk. try lactaid pills or drops, they break it down for you and you can keep eating whatever you want Tongue out

the brand lactaid did not work for me at all! i wish i would because they sell that everywhere! for a while, the only thing that worked was from whole foods market that was $21 for 30 pills. i then found the stuff i use now.....the one from above that has the was great!

i've never tried the drops, i wonder if they'd work for me! one day when im feeling strong, ill try them. a day that i dont mind looking like im about 6 months prego. lol. it makes me THAT bloated!

Me too Me too! I totally look like being pregnant for 6 months after drinking a glass of milk.

I'll definitely try taking that next time I crave for milk. Meanwhile, I'll switch to soy milk instead.

I love soy milk anyway!

Try lactaid milk and see if it's any better... it won't hurt you to try one glass for an experiment. It might be something else about the dairy that you're reacting to. I'm lactose-intolerant and it doesn't bloat me up - undoctored dairy products make me very gassy and upset my digestive tract for a few hours after I eat them. But I'm totally fine with lactaid milk.

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