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Black Olives good or bad?

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I always add black olives to my salad, I like them so much, and as their provide to much flavor to the salad I don´t need to add any kind of dressing , just lemon adn that´s it.

But I dont have any idea about the nutrional info of black olives, are they good or should I limit my consumption? as I am eating them almost everyday.

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are you eating like 5 jars a day?

if no, then it probably wont make a huge impact on anything.....the only thing I can think of is sodium content to watch for.....but if you arent salt-sensative then you can probably eat as many as your allowance allows.

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I like them too.  I have heard they are the fattest food ( for their size)....but very good for the skin.

I too am a huge fan of black olives. Read the back of the can for the nutritional info. I read the breakdown once, but I forgot the exact numbers. I do know they are very high in salt, and I think they have a decent amount of calories too. Personally, I rinse the olives really well and then soak them in water for a few minutes to get rid of all the salty juice they are packed with. But in the end I say enjoy. After all, they are vegetables and it's better than candy or junk food.

The Prevention Magazine actually mentioned them as apart of the MUFA diet (which has to deal with good fats) and recognized them as a food to help fight belly fat. Don't know if its true but you could research it. As long as you are eating them just in your salads and not by the can then  you should be fine.

Great nutrition...if you like them have a handful.

I agree with you 100% = olives are absolutely delicious!! They are also really healthy too so you should not worry about putting them on salads, especially since you don't even use any dressing! Typically one JUMBO olive is 5 calories... so having ten would cost you 50 calories ONLY! Sounds good to me! Plus, they are filled with healthy fats that help your health internally & externally - YAY!

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