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I binged today :'(

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This morning I woke up eariler than usual.
And so I thought of eating a healthy breakfast of:
- 1 slice of toasted bread with processed cheese on it
- 1 cup of all-bran cereal flakes
- 2 cups of 2% milk

And then guess what?!
I went crazy and kept re-filling my bowl with milk and the cereal :'(
And I ended up eating:
- 2 slices of toasted bread with processed cheese
- around 20 cups of all-bran cereal flakes (I ate the whole box)
- around 20 cups of 2% milk

I need support, right about now :(
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Don't dwell on the booboo.  Just try to do your best for a couple of days and get back on track.  You can eat light for about 3-4 days and it will completely void your binge.  I am bad about eating alot on the weekend, but I just allow that to be my binge time and I do not let myself make a habit of breaking that rule through the week.  I am just maintaining though, you need to be more careful if you are trying to lose very much weight.  I may eat 2500-3000 calories on a Saturday, and my intake should be 1800.  I just make sure to eat more like 1500 for the week to make up for it.  It is ok to slip up occasionally, you just can't make a habit of it, or the pounds will creep up on you.  Try putting servings in baggies so that you don't have a whole box, just sitting there open.  Hang in there. 
umm i don't think that you drank 20 cups of milk
Yeah I literally drank the whole milk carton!
well, lots of calcium then! lol
it is ok. did you get a good dinner the night before?
Well, a full carton (2 litres) of milk has only 8 cups. A jug (4 litres or 1 gallon, I believe) has 16 cups... so you might have had less than you think :)

Strawberry, have you ever binged before or was this the first time? Have you ever had an eating disorder?

I believe that there is a difference between overeating, pigging out for the fun of it during an event, holiday or just out of boredom versus bingeing out of control with respect to an eating disorder or emotional eating/over eating.  It is important for you to think about and to define/understand why you ate/overate.  Was it for appropriate reasons like a holiday, was a one-time thing, was it unthinking, and critically was it out of control?

I suggest you just start tomorrow as a whole new day and eat normally and healthfully.

If you think today was not a one-time thing and was out of control or is repetitive, or if you are recovering from an ED, you might be able to find some support in the following articles by our resident expert in disordered eating Matthew Tiemeyer: ngdisorders_guide.html

Let me know if you want more information or if we can help in any way.

Oh I've binged on cereal and milk before, many of times :(
And no, I do not have an eating disorder.
But I forgot to mention that I was watching tv while eating.
So I guess it would be better for me to eat without tv or reading,
because I always eat when I read :(

I kept re-filling my bowl.
And when it was time for me to go to school,
the whole carton was empty!
Omgsh, I felt like puking too :(

No, I didn't have time to eat dinner yesterday.
I was too busy doing homework.
"No, I didn't have time to eat dinner yesterday.
I was too busy doing homework."


I agree, since you didn't eat last night you were probably so over-starved this morning you couldn't control your binge. That is what happens to me. When I try and eat small amounts during the day for example anticipating a big dinner I end up going off the rails. One of my major successes in healthy weight maintenance is never letting myself get tooo tooo hungry. I eat snacks constantly, healthy snacks.

That being said, I think not eating while reading or watching TV is a very good idea. This is known as mindful eating and studies have shown that people who eat in the front of the TV are heavier than those who don't (I can probably dig up a reference if you want it, I am thinking i was from the Scientific American issue recently on weight).

And here is an article from Matthew Tiemeyer's page on mindful eating: ful_sensual_eating_how_to_develop_food_and_ea ting_awareness.html

By the way, how old are you? Since you have binged before have you ever spoken to your Mom about it, is she aware of it? How many calories a day do you normally eat? Maybe you aren't getting enough for your growing body and that's what's causing the morning binges???
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i think that happins to all of us at some point or another. it may feel like somthing majoy but just tell yourself its a glich and if it happins again dont continue to binge the rest of the day because you feel a little low. at the end of the day those few extra calories probably would not have made much difference in relation to your weight. just remember it happins to us all, you live and learn..
I'm sorry hun, just try again later :]

Awww, I think you're giving yourself too hard a time about it. We all have our off days! Just forget about it, and carry on as you were doing. Think about it - it could have been a whole lot worse, you didn't binge on pizza or chips or anything really bad for you.

I blame calorie count for my person usage of the word *binge* I didnt even have a concept of over eating untill cc, now I've trained myself to use words like indulged and over indulged, and I feel better because of it 
Thanks everyone!
I feel so much better now :)
But the memory is still abit scary. LOL
Don't sweat, it at least it wasn't beer and ice cream LOL. Tongue out In relation to your previous post: Maybe all that bran will help you go poo now? Sealed
It actually did.
But I still felt crappy.
And I still want to beat myself up.
I have noticed that when I ate cold cereal I got no satisfied feeling that I now get from eating hot cereal such as oatmeal or cream of wheat. Let's think about it. It's a lot harder to eat a whole tub of oats since you  have to boil water and let the oats cook. And it is starting to get cold outside, yeah still like 70-80 degrees in TX. I know i used to love cold cereal but if you can't control yourself around it then the taste isn't worth it. You can add so much to oatmeal to make it taste unique and different everyday. Try it.
Original Post by xochitl92113:

Don't sweat, it at least it wasn't beer and ice cream LOL. Tongue out In relation to your previous post: Maybe all that bran will help you go poo now? Sealed

Hahahah. :D Bran (AKA "Constipation-Be-Gone") = the best natural laxative I have come to find. <3

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