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how big is 1 serving of pasta?

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I'm having pasta for lunch today and I'm trying to figure out about how big one serving of cooked pasta looks.  I used to guess that 2oz. was about a cup cooked, but that seems too good to be true.  I figured out that 80g of angel hair would be 230 cal. and 80g of linguini would be 295 cal.  I just have no idea of how much 80g would look like, and if that 80g it tells you on the nutrition label is before or after it is cooked.  Any ideas?!?  Thanks for the help!

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Pasta is really hard to measure because of all the different shapes and sizes.  The only really accurate way is to weigh it when dry, allowing 2 ounces (56 grams) per serving, and then divide it evenly when cooked, into that number of servings. 

I'm cooking for one most of the time, so I've gotten in the habit of cooking only one serving.
Claire is right on. I finally got a food scale, and found out the portion I thought was 2oz dry weight was actually about 1.25oz!

The cooked volume will be different depending on the shape of pasta (shells and spirals take up more space in the measuring cup than linguini), but I think 2oz is a decent portion as long as there are lots of veggies on the plate.

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Thanks!!  One of these days I will invest in an accurate kitchen scale. 
I always measure when it's dry too and go with 2oz per serving.   the tricky part is trying to find those serving sizes once it's all cooked up.  I guess the best way to do that would be to drain it really well, weigh it, and divide by the number of servings you just cooked.  I'm never on the ball enough to remember that last part.  I cook up 6 servings and once it hits the plates it turns into only 4 servings.   grr...  LOL
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I found something on a food site about how 8 oz. of linguini or other similar pasta's yields about 4 cups cooked.  So I figured 1 cup is a serving size (2 oz.), give or take a little.  Too bad I just had almost 2 cups!  It was delicious though and with the alfredo sauce, it added up to about 500 cal. which isn't TOO bad.  Hopefully it will keep me full for the next few hours! 
Hi all!

I'm a newbie-- so glad to be here!

I read on the other day that 1 serving of cooked pasta is about the size of a fist.

I hope this helps!!

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