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How big is an ounce of cheese?

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I've seen everything from a pair of dice to a 9-volt battery to 4 stacked dice.  I don't have a food scale and I wanna know (not really, but I feel like I should) how bad I blew it last night.  I think I'm around my maintenance calories, but depending on that serving size, I could either be under, or WAYYYY over.  Stupid cheese plate.  I will pretend that it was my protein serving.
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1 ounce is an eight of a cup or 2 tablespoons.  I usually keep a tablespoon with me when out because I've never done well with the "battery size" and such.

Even if you did go over don't beat yourself up over it.  We've all miss measured and know the measuring is confusing at times.  Just remember, today is a new day!
an ounce of cheese is too big.... it results in another ounce, and another ounce, and another ounce... LOL I'm a cheese hound.
LOL, I love cheese too!  It is so yummy, but soooo dangerous . . . to my hips that is :)
I'd say it's a 1" cube, but all cheeses are a different density, so some could be bigger or smaller.
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i wish i could look at food and tell how many ounces or grams it is, but i can't.  i invested in a little scale that i can carry in my purse.  it's a digital that weighs to tenths of a gram.  and it's from   i know erik's trying to get a similar one available here, but i couldn't wait (sorry, erik).   i'm a nut about weighing everything.
1 3x3 imch slice of american is one ounce, unless sliced this at the deli so you get 2 slices.

A 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch cube of cheddar is one ounce

Boo Hoo! I am a dirty rat and I love cheese.......
psi- i thought that was liquid ounces, as in one ounce of water.  And I think cheese is lighter than water?

I think I had M3lody's ounce of cheese.

OK, I'm over, but not by too too much.  And I've been fine all week, so I'm certainly not beating myself up.  I enjoyed every minute of eating that cheese and I refuse to regret it!  I mean, I've been good all week, I certainly didn't eat 7,000 extra calories of cheese, so I'm still at a net loss!
Depends on the cheese.  With Kraft fat free - it's 1/4 C for 1 oz.

Sorry, gonna have to break down and get that scale!
heh- it's too late to weigh the cheese I ate last night :)

It was DEFINITELY not fat-free, tho!
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