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I am on a mission to find the perfect whey. Good taste and effectiveness.  I know there is probably not a perfect whey protein out there. I just want one that taste delicious and works great too. It doesn't have to be perfect. Im getting some for my birthday in a few days. I want to know what kind is the best. I hear so many good things about ON 100% Whey but the thing is, i was looking at there stuff on Needless to say, they have so many flavors that look good I don't know what flavor to pick. If anyone has tried ON 100% Whey tell me what flavor is best for mixing like bananas and strawberries or just mixing ice and milk and the protein powder. If thats not the best kind please let me know what the best kind is.
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Im not sure of the best kind but I use the vanilla flavor and then mix it with nonfat milk and add fruit.  Usually blueberries or bannanas.  I also have used it with water, ice and those 0 calorie crystal light ice tea mixes if I want only the protein and not all the other stuff or less calories.  That way there are tons of different flavors to keep you from getting bored or tired of the taste.

By the way I use the GNC 100% whey.  I really dont think its the best though.
Twinlab 100% Whey Protein Fuel l
Best Tasting! Whey Protein

This is one of the best tasting whey protein shakes ive tried..
I've never tried it because it's a little more expensive than most, but I've heard that BSN's lean dessert is pretty good.  I typically just use the cheap wal-mart stuff or the gnc when it's on sale and I can use gold card.  I've also heard good things about Dymatize and Met-Rx.   I tried the ON Cookies n Cream before and I thought it was decent, but not spectacular.
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ON Gold Standard Double's one of the best cal-pro rations I've found (120 cals per 24 g pro) and it tastes SO GOOD! I mix it with cold water or skim milk.
I use the Cinnamon Oatmeal flavor whey matrix from ISS.  Tastes really great (like an oatmeal cookie with milk), mixes well, and is really affordable.
Does ON 100% Whey really taste good with water it seems kinda gross but it may just taste good IDK. Im looking for people who may have tried a few other whey proteins and their idea on the best one out of the ones they tried.
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Most people don't drink whey for the taste. You have to accept that it won't taste like chocolate milk if you mix it with water.
if i drink it with 1% Milk or Skim what is the best tasting Flavor out of all the ON 100% Whey im looking for a versatile flavor that tastes great for mixing with various objects like cinnamon, bananas, strawberries, peanutbutter, so forth. Most the time ill just be putting a banana or strawberries or both.
I use Solgar Whey Protein Powder Vanilla Bean flavor. Its pretty good, no complaints here! Although I haven't tried it by itself with just milk or water, I always mix it with fruit and juice.

I like US Sport Power Protein and US Sport Power Burn.  It is made with 100% whey, mixes easily, and tastes good.


I use Designer 100% Whey Protein powder, chocolate flavored.

But I find that I can never get it to fully dissolve. Whether I mix it with soymilk or water it just seems to clump instead of dissolve and mix....should I heat up the water or milk in order to get a better result?

When I started looking for a whey protein I found almost all of them had artificial colours, artificial flavours and artificial sweeteners in them.  The only one I could find that had all natural ingredients was North Coast Naturals.  It's 90% protein from whey.   They also make soy protein and a hemp protein powder, both are organic and hemp is next on my list to try when my current batch runs out.

Sugarbaby, I put all my ingredients in a 1litre (2 quart) wide mouth mason jar and mix it with a wand blender.  It mixes up smooth as silk that way and the wand blender can grind up almost anything.

I mix ON 100% Whey Tropical Punch in an empty water bottle, then add about half full of water and shake for a few seconds, then fill the rest of the bottle up, it mixes pretty well.

Ok, here is the details for my morning drink. 

In a power blender starting with 2cups of water I put in a large handful of raw spinach, gogi berries or blue berries, and any other raw fruits and vegtables around. I add a hand full of oatmeal and any vitamin supplements that I am using (multi, ester-c, B, etc.)  I blend this to a smooth drink.  Then I add 1 scoop of US Sport Power Protien, and blend for a couple of seconds. 

This carries me through the morning with no hunger, feeling great. Anitoxidants galore with vitamins and minerals with a whole grain.  I just have not found anything else that makes my body feel so good in the morning.


Hey I use US Sport protein powder also.  I really like it.  good to see your post.


I use Designer Whey Protein. It doesnt taste that good but its pretty cheap and 1 scoop only has to be mixed with 3-6 oz of water. A lot of the protein shakes ive tried 1 scoop has to be mixed in with like 6-8 oz of water... Meaning its gonna be even harder to drink it all. I hate the stuff but 3oz of the mix is MUCH easier to drink than 8oz... Chug in go...

i hear good things bout the vanilla.. Im told to mix in a blender with milk and fruits and its good but i really duno...

the chocolate has good nutrition stats...

for example: 18 g of protein per scoop...again tho 1 scoop=approx 4 oz ....

100 calories per scoop 20 cals from fat..... 2g of fat... 1 g sat fat... 0g trans fat

60 mg cholesterol

80mg sodium

170 mg potassium

3g carbs... .5g dietary fiber and 2g sugar

duno if that helps any...

BSN Lean Desserts are apparently amazing.

I am using Jarrow Whey chocolate powder right now- I bought it in Whole Foods when they were giving out samples of it mixed with almond milk. Tastes just like regular chocolate milk!

Jay Robb is my personal favorite. Amazzzzzing

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Theres two you can choose from. Muscle Pharm Combat Powder. Tricle feeds your muscles protein for up to eight hours. very good taste. Good profile.

The other is Super Sport by Cellucor. Clean protein. Very little sodium. no fillers. Few calories. These two are the best

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