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Best Ways to Incorporate Fat into Eating

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Looking at my diet it is clear to me that I do not get enough fat through out the day.  I am always tired and drowsy, which is also due to a shortage of calories.  I was wondering what suggestions you have on how to get healthy fats into my diet.  I was thinking of eating some peanut butter or nuts just for the fat content.  Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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seeds, olive oil, avocado, meat, higher fat dairy

In addition to AG's suggestions...

  • sautee your veggies in butter
  • make smoothies with fruit and coconut milk

Avocado, nuts, nut butters, protein shakes, etc. Granola is also a great option. Even the mango fruit contains a small amount of fat (only about a gram) if you're looking for something a little less concentrated. Try incorporating a tiny bit extra fat into each meal and before you know it you'll have met your needs without feeling like you've had to pack in a bunch of extra food.  


Good luck!

Also, you can check out this thread, which has a lot of great suggestions.

Pop some nuts like almonds, nuts, pecans, etc, in a bag (weigh them before hand if you want), add some dried fruit for more flavour if you want, or even better, some granola (higher fat percentage), put them in your bag and every time you're feeling low, just eat some. It's great for me, because I'm always running to classes without time and this keeps me going since it's so easy and barely noticeable I can do it during class.

eat WHOLE eggs (the yolk is good for you!!), if you usually have egg whites, add a few whole omega 3 enriched eggs to them

add flax/chia/hemp seeds to smoothies, yogurt, fruit, etc.

eat fatty fish (salmon, eel, trout, sardines, herring, mackerel, etc.) EAT LOTS OF FISH!

add avocado (or guacamole) to salads, wraps, sandwiches

spread almond butter (or other nut butter) on fruit, or vegetables

sautee meats and vegetables in olive oil or coconut oil

substitute almond flour into your baking.

drizzle flax or olive oil on your salads... make your own dressings!

snack on raw nuts and seeds.. make your own trail mix

toss olives on your salad

eat full fat organic cheese

try hemp protein

drink coconut milk, or pour on fruit

bread chicken/fish/shrimp with unsweetened coconut flakes and fry in coconut oil

eat coconut oil from the jar! (yes i am obsessed with coconut products! they are delicious and super healthy)



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