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Best SOUPS? (instant or canned - not homemade)

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I find that soups are a very filling lunch for me and keep me under control and within my calorie limits. They make me feel like I have had a "real meal".

However, it's hard to find tasty ones which are low-cal and relatively low-sodium (I compensate by adding LOTS of black pepper).

So ..... what brands/kinds are your favorite? I want some delicious and nutricious soups I can take to work and eat at lunch.

Homemade isn't an option.
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can i ask why homemade isn't an option?
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I like Campbell's Healthy Request. They tend to have more nutrients than a typical canned soup, and their sodium level isn't too bad. Fairly low on calories too.
Homemade isn't an option as I have my favorite homemade soup recipes already, but more importantly I have limited time being that I work 70-100 hours per week.

For this thread I am interested only in suggestions of  yummy/healthy canned or instant suggestions which are easy to prepare so I can to take to work or when I travel.

And thanks Vanessa for your suggestion, I will try them.
i like healthy choice "country vegetable" soup.  i usually get those little microwavable bowls, and the whole thing has only 180 calories. contains potatoes, corn, carrots, zuchinni, tomato, etc. in a vegetable broth. yum yum!
In the freezer section, see if your store carries Tabatchnik frozen soups.  They have a few low sodium varieties that are pretty good.  2, one serving, packets in a box.  I like their split pea and vegetable soups.

Tip - If you like tomato soup, try mixing a can of Campbells low sodium tomato with a can of Healthy Choice tomato.  The low sodium is way too low sodium to be good, and the healthy choice still has more sodium than I want.  But mixed together it's just right.  I like mine cooked with a can of fat free evaporated milk.  I keep these in my pantry for a fast meal.
I like eating canned soups too but find the low sodium ones to generally be really nasty. I don't really get why they taste bad instead of just bland, you know? The campbells low sodim chicken tortilla soup is a little better than some so you might try that.

I tried making a low sodium homemade soup and I threw it away cuz it wasn't worth eating.

I might try clairlain's suggestion.
I have a pretty busy life. I make my own soups every now and again and they are so much tastier and better for you than canned soups.
I bought a slow cooker and you can buy stew packs or soup packs from the supermarket. Add some stock and herbs. Set the slow cooker to go on over night then in the morning you have soup ready to take out with you. You can have it as it is or blend it. Take what you want and put the rest in the freezer or in the fridge.
Slow cookers are great! They fill the house with a nice food smell if you set it to cook your dinner while your out. Saves so much time.

If i don't make my soup I usually go for Covent Gardens soup. Their soups are to die for! Dunno if you can get them outside the UK though.
I wish I had time or space to make my own and the suggestions are GREAT but I live in a studio and have no space for cooking accoutrements and am never home ... oh well, maybe when I graduate I will have time as I LOVE HOMEMADE SOUP. If time and space permitted, I personally like to make a leak and carrot soup with chicken broth base which I then blend with a blender and the carrot texture gives the impression of it being creamy. So healthy too.

Unfortunately we don't have Covent Gardens soups in the US but my family has a home in Ireland so next time I am there I will check to see if I can get them.
Progresso makes some really good low calorie soups. (just stay away from any creamy ones!)  Yes, the sodium is a little high but I tend to balance it out with the rest of the day.   I have tried a lot of different soups and to me these are the best tasting canned ones.  They have some yummy veggie and chicken noodle soups and even a lentil one that is pretty good.
how bout low-sodium cream of broccoli. I buy Campbells version, and it tatses pretty good for a quick meal. I like to add some extra broccoli.
Yes, I had a Progresso one yesterday, low fat chicken noodle. It was pretty good and I put tons of ground black pepper in there too which was amazing.
i have yet to try it, but whole foods (and some safeway's) has an Amy's brand soup in a can that's low sodium.  i don't know if you're familiar with Amy's brand products, but they are organic and DELICIOUS!  i'm planning to try this soup soon and have heard that it tastes better than most low-sodium soups.
Annie Chun's noodle bowls are excellent. (140 calories, big taste, thick yummy udon noodles). Only thing is they are pretty high is sodium (19-30% of rda). I don't care about sodium, but I think you could use a little less of the flavoring packet to reduce the sodium.
progresso Italian wedding soup yum and I always add can of water even though they say not tooo and tons of pepper so good also REALLY easy and cheap to make homemade and freeze
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Progresso:  Garden Vegetable, Vegetable Barley

The problem with these is that they are so loaded with sodium that they don't seem all that healthy.  But they are the only canned soups I will buy (I actually buy very little of anything in cans).  My local Whole Foods-like market (Fairway) makes some really good homemade soups.  I go for the high fiber, low fat soups like lentil, three bean chili, black bean, etc. 
Trader Joe's brand soups. They're all really tasty and very filling, with really fun varieties. I like the sweet potato bisque with a dallop of yogurt and a sprinkling of chives.

Some of them have more sodium than I would prefer, but they're so filling I find I eat less.
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