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Your best sandwich recipe?

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So...what is it. I love to make/eat sandwiches, and I need some new recipes try.

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i'm sure this isn't what you are looking for, but hands down my favourite sandwich consists of: 2 pieces of sunflower bread, 1 tbsp of crunchy organic peanut butter, 1 tbsp of blueberry's about as good as they get.  seriously.

Here are some of my favorites...

banana, dark chocolate and peanut butter

sunbutter and strawberry jelly

sharp provelone with italian vegtables and seasoned chicken

velvetta cheese used for grilled cheese with fresh tomato slices... yumm

-fresh tomato slices + lots of mayo + sprinkle of salt/pepper (the tomatoes HAVE to be good tomatoes tho for the best taste! Real homegrown or farmers stand, not the pink rocks in most grocers ;p )
-peanut butter + pepperoni (just try it ;) )
-peaunt butter + honey

I second the tomato sandwich suggestion. I make it with ww bread and fat free mayo (not everybody likes it, but i do). Big thick slices of beefsteak tomato. Very tasty.

My all time, albeit boring, favorite is a tuna sandwich. I have eaten them for over 50 years and still don't tire of them. Spiff them up with onions, celery, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes - whatever your fancy.

2 slices 7 grain bread,  tuna, alfalfa sprouts,  drizzle of light Italian dressing.   Another is tuna with an apple chopped in it,  tsp. of mayo.


Whole Wheat light English muffin; 2 oz. chicken breast; thin slice of cranberry sauce; slice of fat-free cheese; lettuce..... Yum!

Usually I open the vegetable drawer and throw it between two slices of bread. I just made this one today: 

Bagel-thins (or any kind of whole-wheat bread), hummus, sliced tomato and greens, bell pepper rings, onion, and cucumber. Yum!


Black Forest ham, brie, lettuce, tomato, and spicy honey mustard on pumpernickel. The brie isn't very diet-friendly though.

On a healthier note: Grilled cheese made with cheddar and avocado, with salsa for dipping. I use low cal cabot cheddar and no butter to cut calories.

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I recently discovered a great healthy sandwich made with Arnold's wheat sandwich thins  I love sandwiches, but not all the bread, so the thins are great alternatives at only 100 calories a roll.

I topped my sandwich thin with the following:

Thinly sliced low fat swiss cheese

Fresh spinach, sliced baby bella mushrooms and shredded purple cabbage sauteed in a little EVOO (so the mixture is wilted).

Lean 'off the bone' chicken breast deli meat (from my local deli)

This sandwich can either be toasted, grilled or heated up in the microwave. Yummy!!

Not really a sandwich, but I love to top an English muffin with melted peanut butter and some Hershey's SF chocolate sounds funny, but I SWEAR it tastes like a Reese's PB cup. Mmmm.

As for sandwiches you can't go wrong with 2 pieces of toasted bread some peanut butter and topped with a banana...My favorite!

Half of a Pita Pocket filled with 2 Tbsp. Hummus (your flavor of choice), filled with tomato slices, lettuce or spinach, red onion, red bell pepper, cucumber and black olive slices.

A whole wheat wrap filled with black beans, some shredded Mozzarella cheese, topped with 1 or 2 tbsp. of salsa warmed up in the microwave for a few seconds to warm up the beans and melt the cheese!

Arnold's Thin bread topped with cheese, some deli ham, and a scrambled egg white...Kind of like a breakfast sandwich. (I like to put a tbsp of salsa on this too.)

I agree with the tomato, lettuce and mayo combo as well. (was one of my favorites as a kid. ;))


my favorite sandwich at the moment :

an arnold sandwich thing, deli turkey meat, roasted red pepper hummus, spinach, zucchini slices, and yellow bell pepper slices.


and i also like having a whole wheat tortilla with almond butter rolled in it. SO GOOD

Toasted whole grain bread with basil leaves, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and capers, drizzled with a little olive oil.  And if I have the time I'll rub garlic on the insides of the bread :0)

Peppered veggie ham slices, a mix of shredded cheese, arugula, and a fried egg on toasted ciabatta.

Tomato, avocado mashed in olive oil and salt, spinach, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, and salted potato chips on two slices of ciabatta.

Sautéed shiitake mushrooms and aged cheddar cheese on an everything bagel.

Brie, slices of pear, and toasted walnuts on seeded bread.

Original Post by teacastles:

Brie, slices of pear, and toasted walnuts on seeded bread.

 That one I'll have to try. It sounds de-lish!

Whole wheat toast, 1 triangle of Light Laughing Cow Swiss cheese, slices of a fresh summer peach. WOWzers! This is the most delightful summer breakfast.

Before a race, my energy comes from whole wheat toast, fried egg (not cooked in butter or oil), 1 slice of American Singles cheese, spinach, 2 tbsp. salsa.

Joseph's Lavash Bread (super walmarts sell them) or any kind of lavash bread - middle eastern grocers sell them frozen - they are like a very thin rectangle of soft bread.

Anyways, spread with ff/reduced fat cream cheese(softened) and top with 2 oz each roast beef and turkey, smoked swiss, lettuce, tomato, seasoned salt, garlic powder, pepper - and roll it all up. It comes out to 2 servings - and each serving, with Joseph's is about 300 calories - less depending on ff cream cheese or leave out the smoked swiss.

Like Hovan's!

I also do the same with hummus instead of cream cheese and veggies instead of meats - it is good but I haven;t got the seasonings down just right yet.

i used to make myself tomato, cheese, and mayo sandwiches when i was younger. I'd toast 2 slices of bread, spread mayo, slice some tomatoes, and put some american cheese on top and then i'd put it in the microwave until the cheese melted. so good!

Fennel salami & coleslaw

Alfalfa sprouts, cottage cheese & freshly ground black pepper

Hummus & grated carrot

Grilled red onion & Camembert


I used to be an avid Subway or Publix veggie sub with whole wheat and everything on it (except cheese and mayo) fan. I stopped eating them, mainly cause of the expense.

For a while, though, I was making my own veggie subs: whole grain sub rolls, spinach, olives, jalapino peppers, banana peppers, olives, mustard, tomatoes, ect. I saved a lot of money this way. 

I hope you enjoy your sandwiches.


I am a big fan of 2 slices of sourdough, 1 slice of sharp cheddar cheese, 4 large slices of tomato (big tomato fan here), and 3 slices of bacon, grilled with cooking spray.  Talk about delish!

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