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Hello all, I'm new here but my biggest problem is cooking my chicken. I love chicken and fish but the best way for me to cook it time wise is by pan frying it which adds on extra calories in the form of oil or butter. Baking just takes to long for me to cook one breast for dinner when I get off at 4 and  have to make time for working out too. Anyone have any suggestions on a quicker or easier method of cooking chicken and fish? Any help would be great. As a side note, I was thinking of perchasing a George Foreman grill.....anyone have one and is it worth the money? Thanks!
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get a forman, they work great! i made boneless salmon steaks on mine the other night, and let me tell you, they were AWESOME! i put some premade seasoning rub on it and threw them on the foreman. delicious! it keeps all the juices in!
I *love* my Foreman grill!! I marinate my meats in the refrigerator during the day, and put it on the grill when I get home. It takes just a few minutes to cook chicken breasts, and they come out really great and juicy (I had to learn not to overcook them - trust me, they cook really quickly!).  I also like that for steak and chops the grease drains away from the meat while it's cooking. I only have a small one because I live alone, but that's perfect for single servings. It's also really easy to toss your veggies on there with the meat and have it all cook at the same time.

Definitely worth the $20-30 for the grill.
Can you prepare several servings in advance?

Sometimes I'll boil a couple chicken breasts, shred them, then saute with diced onions, tomatoes, garlic, peppers, etc... Goes great on salads or in tacos.  Can be turned into soup...  Also, sometimes I'll boil the breasts in the morning while I get ready for work and then throw them in the fridge to finish when I get home from the gym.
Thanks so much for the suggestions. I'll probably wind up getting a Foreman.....seems to be the best and quickest way so far not to mention the healthiest!!!
I cook mine on the grill outside and eat them for 2-3 days. They're not as good as could be when re-heated, but good nonetheless. 
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I'm all about cooking chicken in foil. I do have issues with the wastefullness of throwing the foil away, but aside from that, I love it. Take a piece of foil, place chicken on foil, close foil, bake. Of course there are all kinds of seasoning/sauce/veggie things you can add. I usually bake at 400 for 1/2 hour or so, then open up foil to brown the chicken for a few minutes.
Thanks so much for the suggestions. I'll probably wind up getting a Foreman.....seems to be the best and quickest way so far not to mention the healthiest!!!

honestly, a good non stick pan will do just fine for the chicken right now if you can't afford the foreman right away! 
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go with GEORGE! It's a great way to go!
I have one, its awesome! It takes 5 minutes or less to grill up a few pieces of meat and then you have leftovers for the rest of the week. :-D I'd suggest learning how to not overcook the chicken on it like someone mentioned because then it comes out sooo juicy and tender, otherwise you just end up with a charred rock. :-p
I find that George makes things a little dry...

I love my GRILL PAN!
hehe off topic but every time i see this heading for this post, i keep reading chicken as children o.O

as for cooking, growing up in an asian household, a lot of times we steam chicken, fish or pork. Just cut the chicken into somewhat bite sizes, cover with seasoning like fresh garlic, salt, pepper, etc. Place the mixture into a shallow bowl, and put the bowl into a pan of water. Cover and steam for about 20 mins or so depending on how big the pieces are etc. You cant really overcook it that way in my opinion.

This works awesome for fish :-) add a bit of soy sauce, tonnes of fresh ginger, garlic and green onion. Then lighly splash on some oil. Cover and steam.
Add my vote for the George Foreman grill.   I bought mine several months ago for $14.95 at WalMart.  My friend bought hers yesterday for the same prices so that seems to be their everyday price.  

anishak, are you perhaps overcooking on the grill?  My chicken and chops both come out wildly juicy -- it's almost like the grill sears the outside to hold in the juices.    I also grill salmon all the time (just rub a bit of worchestershire sauce and some dill, salt and pepper) -- it takes 3 minutes and voila, tender and flaky.   In fact, all my fish comes out very tender and I used to be a pretty horrendous cook.  I like to think my GF grill is idiot-proof! ;o) 

Sometimes I saute my fish on the stove with about 1 tsp of olive oil (not that many calories, really), minced garlic and a few onions.  Add some herbs and it's divine.   

Here are two of my favorite fish recipes:  Halibut Provencal is only 263 calories, I'll steam a little zucchini with a dash of salt and lemon and that gives me TWO veggies (the tomato in the fish recipe as well as the zucchini) to fulfill my USDA fruits and veggies requirement.   I also LOVE Seared Sea Bass with Garlic Sauce -- it's only 184 calories and fills me right up.   Just be careful to only have Sea Bass once a week because it's got a fairly high mercury content so experts recommend once a week, cooking salmon or another low mercury fish for the other two recommended fish days. 

I coopted both these recipes from  If you have food in the fridge and don't know what to do with it, just enter the foods (like halibut and tomato) and will give you pages of recipes -- most of them healthy and fairly low cal.   (Some have a higher calorie content than I prefer, but there's always something within my calorie range.) 
I had a Foreman grill and it made the outside of the chicken really tough before the inside was cooked.  But I had one without any temp adjustment on it.  Do you think thats why?

I season a raw chicken breast and cook it in the microwave, on 75% power for about 5-7 mins depending on size.  Its good but doesn't brown at all so lacks some flavor compared to grilled or sauteed.
I agree with those who prefer the outside grill, mostly bc you can cook your veggies at the same time without mess (especially diced up potatoes in garlic salt with can't believe not butter spray wrapped in foil, or corn on the cob left in husk....soked in water first though).  And if you are cooking for other people it makes it easier to put different items on at one time.  I have a fire pit, but any grill works really.
the forman grill is great try hebrew national 97% ff hot dogs on it. 
I like to take skinless chicken breast, throw a little salsa over the top and some pineapple juice (tenderizes)..maybe a little water or chicken broth..and cook in a covered, heavy skillet.  I'll do a whole skillet full.

Use the leftovers...I cut it up into chunks, throw in a heavy bottomed skillet with a little chicken broth or water, and taco seasoning..heat..the use in tacos.

Or just cut it up and use in chicken salad..using lowfat yogurt with just a touch of lowfat mayo.

Another way...put skinless chicken breast in heavy saucepan/skillet with a little water or chicken broth,  and a little bit of pineapple juice from a can of chunk pineapple, reserve the pineapple...sprinkle something like seasonsalt (without msg).

When the chicken is almost done, toss in some chunks of bell pepper and the pineapple chunks.  Serve with brown rice and steamed green beans.

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