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best low-calorie cereal?

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Any of them out there?
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  • Fiber One Original
  • Kix
  • Original Cheerios
  • Honey-nut Cheerios
  • Total
  • Kashi Puffs

There are also many low calorie but very sugary cereals. Ex: special k cereals. You should look for cereals with fiber and not too high in sugars with a good amount serving for worth of calories.


low calorie doesn't mean healthy-- it just means that air has been pumped into it, so it's a higher volume.

gram for gram, all cereals are about the same. 

30 grams of puffy cereal is going to be about the same amount of calories as 30 grams of dense cereal... the only difference is the space it takes up. 

My mom is a big fan of the Puffin cereal; I personally am a Honey Nut Cheerios fan. Or granola is a great alternative - just make sure it doesn't have too much added sugar.

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I like Puffins too, but I feel like the serving isn't enough for me. Recently I've been eating Chocolate Os, 100 cals per 3/4 cup!
I was taught to always subtract the sugar and fiber and if it's under 10 it's good:) ex sugar 12 fiber 3 12-3=9 so it's good


Oh my goodness, I just found this cereal a couple weeks ago and I'm in LOVE.  My favorite cereal is any kind with flakes, but I hadn't found a healthy one before (I tried Total, but I eat A LOT of cereal and was afraid I was OD-ing myself on vitamins and minerals...)  It tastes amazing, has 110 calories, 3 grams of fiber, and just 4 grams of sugar per 3/4 cup!

GOOD LUCK ! There is just way too much to choose from now and most non-granola type cereals seem to be within the 120-150 cal per 3/4 cup range. 

I was looking for the same thing, cereal and spent 10 min in the cereal aisle (reading labels, looking what other people were buying, looking for sales, surveying flavor choices) couldnt decide, took a walk, came back to the cereal aisle and walked out with a loaf of bread. 

If I had chosen anything it would probably be a Kashi cereal, most are low sugar, high fiber and low calorie.  I really enjoy heart-to-heart.  But since I have been eating baguette and butter for breakfast I no longer desire cereal.

Goodness!  Its breakfast!  The one meal you actually have permission to go nutz with... and your blowin it by makin it low calorie.  Dissappointed...


Tongue out

cheerios and unsweetened almond milk (w/slices of a banana or berries and a bit of truvia) or sugar-free brown sugar oatmeal (w/vanilla protein powder mixed in, for extra oomph) - those are my favorites

Fiber one 80 calorie cereal, it comes in a honey flavor (3/4 cup) With light soymilk its only about 100 calories. It tastes great.

Special k Honey bunches Froot loops (120 per cup. Not as bad as you'd think!) Cheerios Oatmeal All bran Fiber one
Kashi go lean

Kashi Go lean so doesn't apply! The box I had was 200 kcal per cup!!! I'm love my Quaker corn squares at the moment! And, they are rated A- !

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