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Hi, I'm looking for a good low-cal whole grain bread...preferrably under 50 cals a slice.  What are your favorites?
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I've got one called "Healthy Life" that has 40 cals a slice and it's pretty good.  I tried one of the other reduced calorie wheat breads, and it was too gummy.
I just buy plain ol' 70-cal-a-slice bread, toast it, and then slice it in half. not so easy to do when it's not toasted though, mind you, unless you've got soooommme fancy knife.
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Pepperidge Farm Light StyleLight Style Bread (7-Grain )
  • Perfect for those who enjoy great tasting bread, but choose to eat lighter. Each slice contains 45 calories.
I love this bread!!!

I always have 2 slices (90 cals) with 4 slices of turkey (80 cals)

170 lunch!
I like Country Hearth Lite 100% whole wheat bread:  45 calories and 3 g fiber. 
I like Mrs. Bairds calorie light honey whole wheat bread. 40 cals and 3 grams fiber per slice.
I love the baker. it has 5 g carbs and 3 g fiber. only 50 cals per slice.
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haha got you all beat.
If you have a weis/kings/iga.
around you, they make thier own bread, High fiber low calorie.
It's 35 cal per slice
Which is half a normal slice
And you can get it in white or wheat
And it tastes better then any other normal bread
For breakfast toast, I use Oroweat Double Fibre, with 70 calories a slice (and it's a big slice), 4 grams of protein, 6 grams of fibre and 1 gm of fat.

For lunch I've been having WeightWatchers Wheat which is 45 a slice. I have two sandwichs, so the bread only adds up to 180 calories.

I've been so happy with the breakfast bread though, I might switch over to having it for lunch too, only having one sandwich.
I like the nature's own line....the light versions of honey wheat and wheat are 40 calories and good..then they also make a whole wheat, which is 50 cals but really good as well.  The light version from Merita isn't bad either..40 calories
I actually like wraps much better than bread- try the La Tortilla Factory Low Carb/Fat one, especially the green onion flavor. : P
I really like the Sara Lee De-lightful wheat (or honey wheat) at only 45 calories a slice with 9 grams carbs.  Its soft and tasty.


I buy Wonder Light - they have sourdough, italian, and wheat, and its only 40 calories per slice!
the weight watchers whole grain bread is pretty good, 100 cal for 2 slices.
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Village Hearth 12 Grain bread is DELICIOUS...they do not sell it everywhere, I am from the Midwest and i know they have it at most HyVee's and is 40 Calories for 2 slices and i love all of the little whole grains in it, gives great texture!!
Nature's Own Bread is sold in a lot of places I think. You can buy Wheat, white, or sourdough for 40 calories per slices. It's amazing too!! I can't eat enough of it.
aunt millies whole grain light fiber for life

only 70 calories for 2 slices! its the only kind i eat.
Monks bread, especially the sunflower seed, tastes great and smells great toasted.  I think it's 60 or 70 calories a slice.
chocolatechipmuffin, where do you buy your aunt millies bread?  is that something they carry in regular grocery stores or do you have to go to a specialty?  (I don't think I've evern seen it before in stores around here)
I like the Nature's Own Double Fiber -- 40 cal a slice
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