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What is the best kind of rice to eat?

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I can't help it ... I LOVE RICE! I love white long grain rice. But, there is this rice at the Korean place down the street that I love even more. It sticks together and is really good. What is the best kind of rice to eat and how do I cook it so it is tender like my white rice?
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Whole Grain Brown Rice is the best... I don't eat much rice, so I have no idea how to cook it...
Easy to cook!  Here's my method

Measure out 1 part rice to 2 parts water.  Put the water (or other liquid) in a pot with a heavy bottom and a tight fitting lid.  Bring the water to a rolling boil.  Pour in the dry rice and stir once so that each grain comes into contact with the boiling water.  Reduce the heat to a slow simmer and cover tightly. Then LEAVE IT ALONG for 30 minutes.  Check to see if all the liquid has been absorbed.  If not, cook for another few minutes until it is.  Turn off the heat and let sit for 5 minutes.  Fluff with a fork and serve.
Hi MsAngelH,

I'm what they call a "geechee" or rice eating gal.  Where I'm from in yonges island, S.c.  it's not a meal without rice.

Over the years, I've managed to pull back from rice.  But I've been substituting Brown Rice the much healthier alternative.  My favorite Brown rice is Uncle's Ben, a little more expensive but good quality. 

It does take about 2 weeks for your tastebud to adjust.  In the beginning, I would add a chicken bouillon cube to add flavor to my natural grain brown rice. 

What I also like about brown rice is that it fills you up nicely.

As a gullah woman, I know your love for rice and I hope you have a smooth transition to brown rice. It really is good for us:)
Uncle Ben's actual makes a brown rice that you can cook in 90 seconds. It's awesome. Here's a write up I did on it: 7.html
I eat instant brown rice usually. I don't try to compare it to white rice because they taste different, so I appreciate them for what they are. Brown rice has great texture, so it soaks up sauces well, and nuttiness, which just adds another layer of flavor.
(Info courtesy of Alton Brown's "Good Eats")

long-grain rice cooks up fluffy, great for side dishes

medium-grain rice gets creamy when cooked, great for risotto and rice pudding

short-grain rice cooks up sticky, used in Asian dishes because sticky rice clumps are easier to eat with chopsticks

Hi. Don't know if you have a health food store anywhere near you but I love Lundberg rices. They have tons of different types.  And the sweet and sticky rice you mentioned (which tastes so good just plain, mmmmm) - they have it and it is called sushi rice.  Before it's cooked, it looks like little pearls.

You can check it all out:

Happy eating!

The wild blend is also to die for.
p.s. I pretty much eat generic brown instant rice because I am a poor college student, and I think it's pretty good.
But the whole point of brown rice is it is more nutritious. Instant stuff has a lot of nutrition stripped from it. having said that instant brown is better than instant white. So if its more convient, go instant, but if you can pick between isntant and normal, for sure, go normal. Try basmati rice. Its white and smells so nice, but its low GI. If you can find it brown bastmati would be the best (i can only find hte instant stuff of this)

if you are an instant person, and eat it regularly, remeber of then teh isntant packs have added oils and salt. Maybe once a week cook up a batch in a friend's rice cooker, and keep it int he fridge in zip loc portion sizes, and microwave it. Just make sure you keep everything clean - rice can go off fast in the fridge
my fav is wild rice. It's really nutty, full of fiber and higgher in protein than other rices.
Right now my rice of choice is brown basmati.  I get it in bulk from Whole Foods Market.  It has a nice, fragrant aroma and good texture.
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I like to take brown rice and cook it in chicken or beef broth rather than water.
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My fav is the Uncle Bens long grain wild rice.  I LOVE IT.  
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I like the spanish rice, here's a good recipe:

(Sufficient to Serve Six)

1 small onion

2 Tb. butter

1-1/2 c. steamed or boiled rice

1 c. chopped meat

1/2 c. meat stock or gravy

1/2 c. canned tomatoes

2 Tb. grated cheese

1/4 c. stale crumbs

Chop the onion and brown it in butter. Mix well the browned onion, rice, chopped meat, stock or gravy, and tomatoes, and pour all into a buttered baking dish. Then sprinkle the cheese and crumbs on top of the mixture and bake for 1 hour in a slow oven. Serve hot.

There are more great rice recipes over here:

I have a wee confession- I do like brown rice and I know it's better for me, but I just love glutinous white rice with furikake on top. I have this bottle of furikake with kimchi bits that is just wonderful.

Every time we get Chinese takeout, I get an order of just steamed, mixed vegetables (sometimes with shrimp). It comes with steamed white rice, all sticky...such a good meal!

I do not eat a lot of the rice at one time- at the most, about 1/4th of a cup. It's totally a guilty pleasure!

I guess it's kind of silly to have plain white rice as a guilty pleasure!
Brown basmati rice cooked up with some low-sodium chicken broth and frozen bagged veggies is yummy. :-)
Nicolek6 is right on the money. Basmatic rice cooked in organic, low sodium chicken broth and mixed vegetables are delicious. I try to use organic vegetables when possible.

Its not silly at all! That's like saying chocoalte is a silly guilty pleasure
I love glutninous rice!! I'm lucky I'm not at home or I'd gobble up mum'ss stockpile of sticky rice int he freezerm then move onto the rice cooker. Sticky rice is awsome. As is chocoalte. And both, in excess, can mean fatness. Maybe as a treat figure out how much 700 cals of it is, go burn that at the gym then eat 700 cals of sticky rice with dinner :D:D:D
IKn the mean time, I will stick to my instant stuff which isnt as good, but its better than fatty mcfattness.

I buy packages of Success Whole Grain Brown Rice.  It cooks in 10 min. in a boil in bag.  I've got time to cook the regular stuff I guess but never there a whole lot of nutritional difference?  I only use it for a chicken dish I make about once a week so it's not an everyday addition to my diet. 
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