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Best kind of peanut butter

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I eat  A LOT of peanut butter, pretty much with my breakfast every morning, so what is the best kind to buy?  I hear a lot of people talking about getting peanut butter that is made with all real ingredients?  I've used skippy, not concerned about gaining weight so I don't need any low calorie peanut butter.. but just wondering what the difference between Skippy and a so called healthier peanut butter would be..



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Let's take a look at skippy's ingredients: roasted peanuts, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils (cottonseed, soybean, rapeseed) and salt. Hydrogenated oils are another way of saying trans fats, that you probably have heard a lot about being bad for you. This is true, even if it says "0g trans fat" it is allowed to say that because of regulations. Yet, over time, you are finishing an entire jar and have had the entire container's worth of trans fats. See what I'm getting at here? Trans fats are the fats that raise bad cholesterol, and put you at an increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, heart attacks, etc. I used to be like you, instead having JIF. I know better now, and you know what the best ingredient for peanut butter is?: peanuts. It could have a little sea salt in it, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't get skippy!! Get the natural or organic kind, with oil on the top that needs to be stirred in. It's what nature intended, after all! Hope this helps clear things up!:) 

I eat smuckers all natural.

smuckers all natural bby


The only ingredients should be: peanuts (with the exception of some salt if desired)

and always buy organic because peanuts are one of the heaviest contaminated crops out there, and are often genetically modified   

Yep I used to eat Skippy Peanut Butter too, but when I had to gain weight my doctor suggested peanut butter and told me to go organic cuz it was better. I didn't like it at first cuz it didn't "taste" like skippy and it seemed less sweet. Now if I taste skippy or any non organic/natural Peanut Butters I can almost taste the processing and it just doesn't seem as thick or as good. So yeah, definitely go natural/organic. I get the stuff from Whole Foods Market and you can actually make your own peanut butter right there, they have the peanuts and you just hit the nozzle and out it comes! 

When I can't afford that (it's a bit pricey), I get something like a generic brand like Kirkland Natural Peanut Butter, or just anything natural and organic. Yeah I know I've repeated myself a lot, but these ones are SOOOO much better than skippy. Blek :P

To be honest, I doubt there's that much of a nutritional difference between more commercial brands (Skippy, Planters, Peter Pan) and their natural or organic counterparts. Essentially, the natural/organic peanut butter brands are made of just peanuts, and salt. Commercial brands usually contain hydrogenated vegetable oils, which apparently contributes to an intake in trans fats. However, research has been done to show that the effect is minimal, almost negligible. The hydrogenated oils cause the natural peanut oils to mix with the more solid bits (in natural/organic nut butters you'll see oil floating on the top - it's natural separation).

However, that aside, taste-wise, I much prefer natural/organic peanut butter brands. Natural peanut butters have a somewhat lighter and much nuttier taste! Commercial brands may have sugar in them, which makes them sweet. I'd prefer salty nuts over sweet nuts anyday! I used to eat Skippy, then I switched to Peter Pan, but once I discovered natural peanut butter (I eat Adam's Unsalted - Creamy/Crunchy), I can safely say I wouldn't go back to commercial brands!

P.S. Peanut butter is the single most magical food in the world.

I buy fresh ground, made right at the store. THen I thought,, hey,, why not make it at home??.. and I was surprised how easy it was.  It doesn't come out silky smooth but it is really good... and you can be creative.  I wouldn't recommend getting peanuts in the shell.. that is a big mess and a pain. 

Don't get me wrong.. I like the commercial brands.. a lot...... but I don't like all the added stuff.

Hands down Bulk Barn organic PB. Best peanut butter I've ever had and I've tried just about every brand that I can buy here (Southwestern Ontario, Canada)

Trader Joe's unsalted -- my jar says "unblanched peanuts' as the only ingredient.  No salt, no sugar, no added oils. 


Honestly, as long as the peanut butter  is organic and contains no added sugar or hydrogenated oils, it's perfectly fine. It's ok if it has SOME oil in it, along with some salt, but the best way to tell whether it's good or not is by the taste and texture.

If it's loose and oily(or with all the oil at the top) and tastes like actual peanuts, then it's good. The brand I usually get I've only seen at my supermarket, called Full Circle Organic. I've also gotten some peanut butter at whole foods, which is really good! A lot of people are suggesting Smuckers, but I'm honestly not a fan of theirs. The texture is a little off.

Unsalted peanut butter is nasty.  I bought it once because they were out of salted.  Never again.

I love unsalted PB -- and if I didn't I'd still buy unsalted and add the salt myself -- manufacturers have no idea what low salt means.

On the other hand, PB with sugar or (even worse, imo) low-fat PB is some of the most vile stuff around -- to my tastebuds

I love unsalted peanut butter--- but I am also the girl who hates the taste of salt haha. All I taste when I eat salted peanut butter IS the salt. I don't feel as though it "enhances" the taste of the peanuts, I find it covers it. 

You may think that "a little" hydrogenated oil/trans fat may not do any harm, but since these ingredients do not occur naturally, your body has a difficult time getting rid of them. The effect of trans fat is cumulative and will build up in your body over time. 

Not to mention the gross amount of sugar they put in commercial peanut butter. The difference between natural and commercial is night and day; and going from natural to commercial: BLEGH it tastes like sugar and has the texture of playdough. You can taste the fake fats in it, very similar to margarine (which is also very processed and full of hydrogenated oils). 

I love Maranatha Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter and Co. Crunch Time Peanut butter :)

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Koeze Cream Nut, followed by Trader Joes.

today i bought some "power protein peanut butter" at GNC. It has 315 calories, ~19 grams fat, and ~24 grams protein per 4 tablespoons. Has anybody tried it before?

Original Post by nutmegqueen:

today i bought some "power protein peanut butter" at GNC. It has 315 calories, ~19 grams fat, and ~24 grams protein per 4 tablespoons. Has anybody tried it before?

I bought some last year.

Was not a fan. 

I just tried the power protein peanut butter.... ewwwww. It's disgusting. Why the heck did I waste my 7 dollars on that? Especially since normal peanut butter is so good for you to begin with. No need to change it and mix in random stuff... I feel stupid. I'll probably still use it up, but I'll use it in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to mask the weird flavo\r. 

Organic peanut butter all the way. My personal favorite is the Trader Joes Creamy Unsalted Organic Peanut Butter. 

If you're craving chocolate, the PB&Co's Dark Chocolate Dreams is to die for. Even better, it uses all natural ingredients.

The difference between generic PB brands like Skippy and JIF and organic PB is that the generic ones use hydrogenated oils, which is definitely not necessary for a healthy diet.

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The BEST brand EVER is "Nuts to You Butter". 

They make all kinds of nut butters - My favourite is cashew butter.

The brand's name is on the top part of the lid.. so if you are looking and can't find it, check the lids!


It's 100% nuts, nothing added.

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