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Best gum to chew?

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I love to chew gum, but recently I have been trying to give up aspartame and other artificial sweeteners.  This is in Trident, which I used to chew (and love).

What gum is good to chew that doesn't have artificial sweeteners in it?  I don't want my teeth to fall out because of my gum!

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Well, if you don't chew gum with sugar in it, like old school big red/juicy fruit, etc. then I think it will have artifical sweetener in it.

I chew Orbit and Stride. Like, almost a pack a day and I have a great set of chompers. Hehe, chompers.

Here is the website address for a gum that as no artificial sweetners or sugar;  I have not tasted this, but it may be able to replace your trident.  Smile



Thank you!


Has anyone tried this ZAPP and have any feedback to share?

they say to chew extra.  only 5 calories per stick

I just ordered the ZAPP gum so I'll let you know when it arrives!
FYI - i just checked out that Zapp gum stuff andits flavored with Xylitol - which is the same stuff used in Orbitz, Stride,etc
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I love Orbit and Stride, but Wrigley's Extra is usually more affordable. I chew it all day, every day ~ mostly to keep myself from smoking.

My favorite (long-lasting) flavor is Polar Ice, but it does contain aspartame: cts_nutritional.asp

"Sorbitol, gum base, glycerol, mannitol, natural and artificial flavors, maltitol, aspartame, gelatin, acesulfame K, color added, BHT (to maintain freshness), Blue 1 Lake

Phenylketonurics: contains phenylalanine"

Good luck choosing :)

Sadly, most all gum except for the expensive healthy versions like Peelu which taste AWFUL by the way... have aspartame in them - you won't be able to find one without it sadly! I have been on the look out for as long as I can remember only to see that aspartame is the key ingredient! I chew orbit gum religiously and feel it is the only gum that really does me justice! Wintermint & Spearmint are great :) And I can see everyone agrees!

I don't know why, but many of the Supermarket brands, Trident for example, use a different set of ingredients for their cinnamon gum and don't have apspartame. They do still have artificial sweeteners, Sucralose and Affsculsame Sodium, as I recall. Altoids cinnamon gum is intense and nurtrasweet-free and their peppermint has nurtrasweet. Trident's Green Apple Fusion flavor has no nutrasweet--if you can find it. Bubble Yum Sugar-free does not have apspartame but has more caolories than other sugar-free gum. (10 per serving). Health store brands, Spry and  B-fresh  are pretty good. The B-fresh  contains a lot of Vitamin B-12 so I would go easy on it. I have also come across some articles that say that excessive consumption of gums containing sorbitol--that's most sugar-free gums--can lead to excess gas and diarrhea. So not really a free food; unless you like gas and diarrhea!

My ZAPP has arrived! So far, it's not bad. The pieces are smaller than Excel/Eclipse gum I usually eat. It was like bitting into a Chiclet. The mint flavour was intense at first but after a few mins, it has died down. If I inhale, it feels "clean" though. The flavour doesn't last very long. 5 mins later, there's a bit of taste but it's a little rubbery. I don't usually chew a piece of gum for long anyway. Overall, I'd say it's worth a try!

It's sweetened with Xylitol:
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I'm a big fan of gum chewing myself, so I thought I should let you know this real quick. My cousin chews gum almost everyday, and she developed this sleeping disorder called "bruxism," which is teeth grinding when you sleep. You get it from chewing too much during the day, and I mean too much as in chewing gum 24/7. (Well my cousin doesn't do that, but she seems to chewing gum every time I see her.) It can be REALLY annoying if you sleep with someone. (She came over a couple times for a sleepover, and OMG I didn't get a single hour of sleep.)


This may not help answer your question, but I just wanted to throw that out there. Not to scare you or anything, but try not to chew too much gum. I know I may be overexaggarating. It's also not that good for your gums and teeth.

Well, good luck on finding the best gum without artificial sweeteners!

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The comments about Vitamin B12 in B-Fresh Gum is incorrect.

All of B Fresh's ingredients are WATER SOLUBLE!


Anyone who is a vegitarian or does not eat alot of meat needs Vitamin B12.  The B !2 in the B Fresh gum is 100% Water Soluble. No Toxicity level at all!


Since there is no know toxicity level for B12 taking to much of it is not a factor.


B Fresh is the most greatest tasting gum ever.


The Spry gum mentioned by the way is manufactured in china and does not list everything that is required by the FDA packaging guidelines on the ingredients statement.

Spry IS NOT ALL NAtural- Titanium Dioxide and other ingredients are found in Spry.


There is a report circulating on the internet that Spry had a lab test done by I believe a lady from conn. whos grand daughter had a reaction to Spry.


Sorbital as the main sweetner in gum or candy can have a lax effect, but Sorbital IS NOT in B Fresh- Just pure all natural ingredients with proactive health bennefits- So chew up.

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