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Best fruit for weight loss?

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I am trying to lose 14 pounds in three months and was wondering about fruit along iwth my meals. I eat an apple in the morning a plum or peach for lunch and another piece of fruit either another plum or nectarine for dinner. I don't if I am eating too much fuit since there is so much sugar in fruits. I know I want to keep eating my apple in the mornings wiht my breakfast but what about dinner and lunch? Any input is awsome!
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Definitely keep eating your fruit. It'll bring your carbs and sugar up, but you've got to remember that they're NATURAL carbs and NATURAL sugar ... not processed. I only wish I could stand to eat that much fruit.
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I eat loads of fruit.  Today I had

1 apple, 1 kiwi fruit, 10 strawberries, 2 rings of pineapple & a tangerine.

I love my fruit.
Yuuuuuummy fruit :)

PEARS! I would eat a pear if I were you. They have a tooon of fiber, so they're good.
fruit is GREAT for weight loss.  4-5 servings a day is optimal, and you should snack on fruit in the mid-morning and afternoon to keep your blood sugar even.  as long as you stick with fresh (or frozen unsweetened) fruit and stay away from dried fruit like figs, raisins, and dates, you're fine.   personally I love frozen blueberries on my cereal!
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Mmmmmmm, bananas. Okay, I'm not sure how good they are for weightloss, but they actually really fill you up! And grapes are wonderful to snack on as well :)
Any fruit that is not processed is great!  I try to get 2-3 servings of fruit every day for my 1400 calorie diet.  Fruits aren't really all that bad in sugar cuz they have 'good' sugar.  You can figure that one serving of fruit is around only 70 calories.  Not bad at all!

*note: half a banana, half a mango and few others are considered 1 serving!  For berries, its usually 3/4 cups.  Grapes I usually count out 15.  remember moderation!
I like cantaloupe because I can eat a great big serving for very few calories p?item_id=9181&size=2
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Apples aren't the best; the average apple has roughly the caloric equivalent of the average cookie. Definitely don't do bananas either; 100 calories can be spent better.

My suggestion is either strawberries (they are very, very low-calorie) or cantaloupe. Or do what I do and have both! 
Grapefruits are meant to be good... I wasn't sure how accurate I was, so typed grapefruit weight loss into google and the first thing on the list was this... from the BBC

I just bought grapefruits! Hooray!

for the best bang for your calorie buck, I recommend cantaloupe and honeydew melon.
I love apples, grapes, oranges, bananas, etc, but strawberries for weight loss. Absolutely love them. ^^
"what about dinner and lunch?"

The plum is an excellent choice, as it is very good for keeping the intestines moving.
I wouldn't sweat the sugar in fruit.  Just go fresh or frozen (without syrups) and eat the peels of the thin-skinned fruits. 

Dole is nothing special, but here is the ranked list by grade for their products, so it is a mix of fruits and vegetables.  Some "A" fruits are grapes, cantaloupe, raspberries and rhubarb.
I love gala apples......................yum
Berries (raspberries have tons of fiver and are in season i think) , Apples, pears, oranges, grapefruit are good ones
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