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Best daily supplement for ladies losing weight and working out?

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Would you recommend the usual daily A-Z you can get from any supermarket... or the more natural stuff you get from health food shops?

Any favourites?

I don't feel great putting a bunch of chemicals in my body everyday to artificially boost my vitamin intake.. but then I find it hard to believe that the more natural or 'food based' pills work.

My calorie intake is only 1300 rest day and probably 1700 workout days so I doubt I can squeeze all the vitamins and nutrients I need into the food that I eat...

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It's always a good idea to take omega 3s. I also take a daily multivitamin & Vitamin D3, even though my diet is rich in vegetables & other whole foods.

These supplements won't necessarily make you lose weight but I think it's a good idea to take them as a back up if you feel your diet is lacking. Obviously, the best option would be to take a look at your diet to see where you can add in foods rich in these nutrients.

great, thanks!

Which brand do you take? Is it the usual chemical or the natural kind?

There is so much to choose from I can't decide

I usually get all of my nutrients from the food I eat. That's the main reason I use CC right now.

When I'm eating at a deficit, the only nutrient I seem to have trouble getting 100% of is iron. It's not every day or anything, just on occasion. I still don't take a supplement, though.

I have started taking fish oil (omega 3) on days that I don't eat a form of fatty fish.

My omegas are from Genuine Health and I always forget the brand of the other ones. It's a Canadian brand though. Just remembered... the brand is "Trophic".

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