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Best apple?

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Which kind of apple has the best nutrition, and which has the fewest calories? Anyone got an apple comparison chart? :P
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 Comparing apples to apples is rather pointless.  Any differences in calories and nutrition is minimal.  I say just find a variety that you like and eat it.
I have no idea what is the best apple for you, all I know is that since I had my first Fuji apple i've never had another kind since. Greatest apple ever. Fuji FTW.
There isn't much difference between different types of apples and I couldn't find a chart. All I know is that macintosh apples are my absolute favorite. They are crunchy and sweet. Fuji apples like archer mentioned are also one of my favorites. Apples range so much in size it's hard to get an exact calorie count.

There isn't much difference in calories and nutrition, so any apple you prefer is going to be based off more what kind of taste and texture you like.

My faves are fuji's and galas.  (Granny smith's for pie or cobbler.)

I live in England, I eat Cox's or granny smiths just because i adore them!

All apples are pretty much of a muchness when it comes to calorie count. Which one is best for you depends on how you like their texture.

Granny Smiths tend to be very large and quite tart, but they're very refreshing if you don't mind their non-sweetness. They last practically forever in the fridge and they're great for cooking.

Golden Delicious are neutrally-flavoured and a bit on the floury side. They're lovely when fresh, but they get mealy if you keep them too long...

Galas are my favourite - small, red, plump, crisp, sweet and juicy without being cloying. 

Fujis are very sweet... sometimes TOO sweet!

Jonathans are floury and to me, tasteless (horrible, icky things...) 

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I agree that comparing apples seems to be pointless. Just pick an organic one you like and eat that. I love Fuji, Gala and Granny Smiths
Don't forget good ol' braeburn and pink lady apples!  I love going to the grocery store and picking up one of each apple!  People who only eat the all red ones, man, you are missing out!
All apples are the same, but I think Organic Honeycrisp tastes the best, if you can afford it. 
If you want to know the exact number of calories you're eating, weigh the apple! They're about 240 calories a pound. 
I love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE RED DELICIOUS APPLES! They control me "sweet tooth" so i never have candy.  I could live off of them! :P
"Comparing apples to apples is rather pointless."
- Funny

Fuji! Taste wise, they're the best :) I was disappointed with Honeycrisp. They sound better than they taste. They weren't bad... just not the best.

I thought I had an apple in the fridge at work today so I didn't bring one from home. I must have eaten it yesterday because it wasn't there :( sigh.

My opinion: organic apples taste better.
Original Post by meleba:

Organic Honeycrisp tastes the best


Pink Ladies are pretty tasty as well, although I prefer Honeycrisp. And Fujis are great too, of course, as everyone here has already told you. ;)

And cellophane_star... you must have had a bad Honeycrisp! :O  lol... well, I love them.

You know, it was a non-organic one. I bet that made the difference!
I like honeycrisp the best but like pink lady, fuji and gala as well.

yah dont care too much about calories when come to apples, the point is that you should try diffrent stuff. Find what fits you best..


omg.. organic fuji apples are the best, I LOVE them. :)

I hate Red Delicious and Macintosh apples- I find the best to be Honeycrisp (ESPECIALLY around this time of year!) and Fujis! I like galas but only when they're in season.
Ugh - red delicious. Nothing compares to granny smith! I weigh my apples at home, but at work I just guess. Since I eat so many, I wanted to make sure to include some "better" ones. I guess there aren't any, so no need to eat red delicious apples!
Is it wrong I dont know the difference? ;)
I've just run down to the kitchen, and I eat...apples.  They don't have any name on them (serves me right for buying the supermarket's own brand!) 

I think they're all pretty nutritious, and just go for whichever one you like or can easily buy.  
Oops, double post!
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