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What is the best alcohol to drink?

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for someone trying to loose weight, if they know they are going to a bar (not a great idea) and gonna have a few cocktails/beers/etc what is the best to choose?

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I'd say choose whatever drink you like most but limit yourself to just one or two.  Enjoy mineral water or a diet soda the rest of the time.   

Coming from a bartender, I can tell you that your best bet is going to be some sort of tonic - maybe a vodka tonic or a gin tonic with lime. They're tasty and give you a nice tipsy feeling after a few due to the carbonation from the club soda reacting with the alcohol in your stomach. This way you don't run into the sugars found in cordials or liquors like amaretto or Bailey's(tm). You also don't get the sugars you would get if you ordered a 7&7 or a Ricky Ricardo in an attempt to steer clear of alcohol. The *best* course of action, if you're trying to lose weight, is to stay away from alcohol altogether. But if you must drink, tonics are your best way to go. No sugars and fairly light on the alcohol - I would recommend vodka tonics with lime. They're tasty, refreshing, and better for you than most other drinks out there.

Tonic water is loaded with sugar! 

Vodkaaaaa hands down
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Yeah, tonic water does have a lot of sugar according to CC. p?item_id=14155&size=4

DIET tonic water is the way to go, but of course bars never have it!


It really depends on what you like. You can have a light beer or a shot of hard liquor (vodka, rum, etc.) mixed in a diet soda for about the same amount of cals (~100).  Since I don't like either, I typically get a shot or two of realllly good tequila and sip it to make it last.  (And if it's really good, it's expensive enough that I'm not willing to drink more of it.)

Stay away from mixers like sweet and sour or margaritas, as they're loaded with sugar cals (unless you're lucky enough to find a bar that has the sugar free mixes).

beer -  light = 110 calories (12 oz)

wine - red = 80 calories (4 oz)

liquor - whisky,tequila,vodka, rum =  65 calories (1.5 oz)

margaritta = 168 calories  (4 oz)


Best to stick with the first 3 choices

on the third choice - either mix with water ,straight or a F/F S/F mixer


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yes, i would go with either red or white wine or even champagne.  the wine is relatively low in cals, can sip a full glass all through a meal or chatting with friends, and is pretty low in carbs as well.  champagne is lower in cals, as long as you stay with the dryer varieties.  some people think champagne or sparkling wines are only for special occasions, but is really acceptable anytime! 

Oops! Sorry, I forgot to specify that... You can request that vodka tonics be made with regular club soda instead of tonic water. The only thing regular club soda has is a little bit of sodium, but not too much (especially for the 1-1.5 ounces in a tonic drink.) Really you could do tonic water if you're not *too* worried about the sugar, since the amount in a drink is so small, around 1-1.5 or maybe 2 ounces at most.

Either that or go with something like red wine. It's tasty, not too caloric depending on the kind you get, and it actually has lots of healthy antioxidants. Why do you think everyone in Italy has a glass with every meal? :)

Sorry to post this question in a question but does anyone know if flavored vodkas have more calories than regular vodka ?

Because I usually order Vanilla or Raspberry vodka and club and hope its not killing my calories

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Hmm, not that I can find. It seems that a shot of vanilla or raspberry vodka is between 60 and 70 calories. I think I am going to try diet coke and vanilla vodka?!

Vokda with club soda is 70 calories. I usually add lime juice for some flavor.

hey, my name is linda!

i would recommend anything besides beer! honestly, 1 beer equals 180 calories!!! imagine drinking 12 or something! ull gain like 10lbs right there in 1 night! imagine 1 weekend of beer only! just look at the calories! and u'll be fine

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That's a heavy freakin' beer you'd be drinking. The light beers range from 64-120 calories. Not all beer is created equal (in taste and calories). tm

Here is a chart with the calorie contents of common alcoholic beverages.  You have to click on each one to convert it to a serving because it defaults to only listing one ounce.

What beer is only 64 calories?  Never seen or heard of this!!  I usually guesstimate that most shots of liquor contain around 100 calories, and most beers are between 100-200 calories (with the lightest of the light being at 100 calories, and adding more calories the heavier/darker it is).

When i go to a party I bring Vanilla rum and mix it with cherry vanilla diet dr. Pepper.  Sooooooo good.  But at the club I go to. they don't have either so I have clear rum and diet coke. 

You can't even imagine my delight last Friday when I went out to dinner with my husband and looked up and saw a 64 calorie beer sitting right in front of my face at the bar at Applebees!

Miller Genuine Draft now makes a light beer that only has 64 calories. I am a beer girl and it absolutely made my night! A couple of those paired with my 350 calorie dinner and I was one happy camper!

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Becks Light is only 64 calories as well. However, you'd be drinking this for the "taste"--whatever taste it might have because getting tipsy or drink off these is hard unless you're a light weight. I remember when one of my best friends, a personal trainer, found them... she was so excited. She finally quit drinking them because she had to drink like 8 of them for any effect! Not really worth it in the end.

vodka water, obvs.

Corona light with a lime is a great summertime beer - very refreshing and 99 calories.

My favorite "club" cocktail is a whiskey (Crown Royal) and diet coke.

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