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Do you believe "Sugar is the Devil"?

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Do you believe "Sugar is the Devil"?

Jackie Warner has a list of 14 Fitness tips on her website ( ips.aspx). I admire and trust her guidance especially since I already have lost 2 inches in my waist and 5 pounds using her workout DVD over the past 2 weeks.

So on her sites fitness tips I found I already do most of them except but 3. I actually am not fully accepting tip 14, but that's another discussion.

So her fitness tip 5 and 12 (go hand in hand) are about Sugar. I have been consuming too much sugar with those 100 calorie snacks, lil piece of chocolate, slim fasts with its whopping 17g of sugar. So this week and I am implementing the Jackie Warner fitness tip No. 5 and 12.

Sugar is the devil
Sugar throws our body into an immune suppressed, non-working state of chronic fatigue, depression, and hormonal imbalance. It is the leading cause of disease and depression in this country. To break the sugar addiction, get rid of refined sugar (anything that isn’t fruit or veggies) for 5 days in a row, then allow yourself to have one cheat meal on Saturday and one on Sunday. You will have curbed the chemical addiction for sugar and your brain will desire less.

Eat natural foods
Research connects food additives that are present in many diet products with increased sugar and carb cravings.

I went out to Sams Club bought lots of fruit and vegetables washed and cut everythign up and I already feel better. First day was rough not having that refined sugar but I am really liking it.

So everyday I pack a tupperware with fresh fruit (measured on a kitchen scale.) Todays breakfast conta ins grapes, cantaloupe, strawberries, and pineapple with nonfat cottage cheese and a boiled egg. For lunch I have tofu that i sauteed in vegetable broth and soy sauce and other seasonings with a side of sauteed kale.  My snack is a banana, a laughing cow wedge and a rice cake. So at most I am ingesting 1 g of sugar not from fruit or veggies.

I hope to follow up in a month from now 10 lbs lighter, stronger and healthy because of Jackie Warner.

I would love to hear what great and healthy natural food sources others have adopted in their daily diets. 

P.S.) I have been a pesco-vegetarian for 6 years. Meaning I still eat fish but no chicken, red meat, pork, turkey, game meat etc.

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personally, the only "devil" for me is extra calories.

i don't find that sugar has any irregular effect on me, but i know that it would turn into fat faster if i ate more calories than i burn.

but that's just me.

It's not the devil, really.  Our brains need it to function.  The problem is the way we consume it - we eat phony processed foods that are full of it, drink sweet drinks and snacks in absurd amounts, which of course is not only fattening, but is a great way to become type 2 diabetic.


But if we eat a healthy diet with foods that don't have added sugar, and don't wash everything down with soda, there is nothing wrong at all with an apple, or a square or 2 of chocolate or a teaspoon of sugar in our coffee a couple times a day.


Sugar is not the devil.  Corporations are the devil for making us think that it's normal to eat pancakes with syrup for breakfast with 10 oz of OJ, then for lunch, some sandwich with ketchup made with HFCS, washed down with a 12 oz Coke, then a brownie and a coke for a snack,then more sweet stuff for dinner followed by ice cream for dessert.

That is a TON of sugar.  Anything in that kind of huge amount is bad for you.  So is salt, but we can't live without that either.

Sugar is the Devil ... I agree, but only with respects to refined sugar. Sugar in natural foods like fruit is fine. Sugar causes an insulin response in your body that when we eat refined sugars causes high's and lows - this is why low glycemic foods are better for you - and these high's and lows are not good for our bodies. The goal is to keep a relatively steady insulin level, and thus you will feel better. Need proof? Give a 5 yr old a piece of chocolate cake Laughing

I find that I can control all my food cravings as long as I stick to whole foods with no sugar added.

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Yes and no. It's not the devil in moderation. It is the devil when it's added to all these foods... processed foods. You might think something like a bagel wouldn't have much sugar in it, but it's amazing sometimes. And obviously natural sugar is fine.

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Very interesting. I just read them all. I love her and her show, but hadn't seen that. I think it's all very true. I have a question though... she says to kick sugar out for 5 days and your body will stop craving it? Does that mean EVERYTHING? Like... my oatmeal has about 6 grams of sugar, cereal 7 grams, yogurt has sugar. There is no way I could only eat those things as a "treat."

I don't know, I think our bodies are a lot more varied than she's considering.  I cut out the daily candies, fast food binges and Starbucks' drinks and I'm doing really well.  I've lost 20 pounds and I don't crave for those things.  I still put a couple teaspoons of sugar in my coffee (that I rarely drink) and I still add syrup to my yoghurts and smoothies. 

Though I have a headstart, I stopped eating breads with HFCS and stopped eating canned soups (with added sugars), I've long monitored flavored yoghurts and cereals.  I think the hidden sweets are what really throw us off.  It creates a scenario where we are mindlessly eating-essentially fast food in our house. 

It's not the sugar that's the devil, it's mindless eating. 

But again, other people may have different reactions to any sugar. 

My short answer is NO! =)

I believe in everything in moderation. For me not having to label foods as "evil" or "bad" means that I am able to exercise my right to choose to eat whatever I want. I have the power in my life not food.

That being said, I wish you the best with your fitness journey.

That's funny:  I just saw a Jackie Warner TV spot the other night that bothered me.  She was saying "So you know I always say that sugar is the devil..." and pointing out that you can find increased sugar in hidden places -- such as nonfat or low-fat foods.  She was advocating half-and-half in your coffee instead of skim milk.  I understand that sugar content might be higher in the lower-fat variety, but which is worse for you... the extra fat or the extra sugar?  The coffee example doesn't matter to me (I use neither milk nor sugar), but I am curious in general for other daily choices.  Is there some general guideline to help us out in choosing the "lesser of the two devils"?

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All refined sugar is horrible, but artificial sweetners are the devil!!.  Why not try eating food without everything having to be sweet or maybe, trying all natural no calorie sweetners like stevia? 

Concentrating on cutting refined sugar rather than fat (in conjuction with calories and excersize of course!) really helped me.  I was shocked how much sugar (and sodium) I was eating by having processed and canned foods.  Being more aware and eating more naturally definitely helped me get out of the cycle of feeling deprived and craving while at a reasonable calorie intake.  I do not concern myself with natural sugars, I eat tons of fruit/drink milk etc...

And not that I don't have refined sugar ever, I have a chocolate treat/baked goods etc, just not as often.  And I cut out all the "stealth" sugar I wasn't even enjoying the taste of.

I'm sure sugar isn't an issue for everyone, peoples chemistry/metabolism can differ greatly.  But, a shift away from manufactured sugars and processed foods has gotten me into eating habits I can sustain and not just "diet."

And I note I meant to mention.

Keep in mind when speaking "to the masses" we tend to oversimplify the message, even when we know better.  They point is that in general in the US we eat sooo much processed food with extra sugar and sodium and additives that we have no idea what the consequences are.

We want simple solutions but life doesn't work that way; not every solution will work for every situation.  Sound bytes get a message across implying life is black and white/true and false.  I'm hoping that Jackie, upon actually working one on one with someone would be discussing specifically how you can manage eating some things that are "bad" while eating a mostly healthy diet.  A quick paragraph of "health tips" is not going to go into reasonable exceptions and all the gray area in which we live most of our lives!

I think its the fact that most foods high in sugar have no nutritional value is what turns me off to it, but sugars in fruits, dairy and such don't bother me at all.

I quit eating refined sugars and carbs completely, because having a little triggers immense cravings. But if I don't have them at all, I don't miss them. Sounds strange, but it's true. When I think about ice cream, cake, or sugary chocolate now, I have no desire to eat them. I want to want them, but I don't. I'm really relieved. Now if I want something sweet I'll have toast with apple butter (only 4 g of sugar), oatmeal with honey or eat frozen berries or fresh fruit.

First -- I prefer to avoid sugar.  It makes me feel icky and to be honest, it causes a uhh..back up in my system  for a couple days.  I had a piece of cake Sunday and today was my first day feeling somewhat regular and normal again =\  I don't know that it is the Devil necessarily, but I don't like what it does to my body AT ALL!! 

It's just not worth it to me to taste a little sugar.  I've gotten to the point where I don't crave sugary items at all anymore, so cutting them out is a lot easier!  Actually, tonight we had a party where there was a chocolate cream pie and a cherry pie, but I didn't want either...I was craving an apple! haha.  So I sat and ate my apple while everyone else had their pie and ice cream =P

Now I have a question for you! =)

How do you like Jackie Warner's workout DVD?  I was thinking about getting it..but would like your thoughts!  Thank you!!

I do agree that refined sugar is horrible for you.  But I tend to thing all processed food is bad.  I try to cut as much of it as I can from my diet.  After I had my daughter and had to loose all my pregnancy weight I started cooking all my own food and immediately lost 10 pounds.  I agree also with the comment about Warner saying use half-and-half over skim (although I am a vegan and don't use either).  I would rather consume fat than sugar.

I suggest getting some low GI sweetner if you still need it, as I do for my morning coffee.  I like raw agave nectar.

Good luck!

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