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beer and vodka

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hey, my friend is having his birthday party soon, and he is asking us if we want beer or vodka.  Does anybody know of any low calories beer or vodka??

and which one is lower in calories???


thanks for any input!

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A bottle/can (12oz) of lite beer and a shot of vodka (1.5oz) are both around 100 calories.  The vodka drinks can add up depending on your mixer.

Go with vodka and Coke Zero or something that has no calories.  As far as beer, I think Michelob Light and Rolling Rock Green Light are pretty low cal.  I <3 Michelob...

In the book Eat This, Not That it says that the beer Becks Light only has 60cal. Which is REALLY low cal!

My staple drink is Stoli Vanilla Vodka with Diet Coke (I can have 2 shots and be G2G-Good To Go!) 

But a word of warning, I've read that mixing artificial sweeteners with alcohol causes ppl to get drunk faster! Ha!

I stick with vodka (~100 calories per 1.5oz as said above) mixed with club soda and garnished with limes.  Low calories and it definitely does the trick. :)

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I'd stick with Vodka and a calorie free mixer too. Even light beer usually has more calories, unless it's like Mich Ultra. Plus, beer always makes me bloat!

Def. the vodka.  It will get the job done quicker with less calories.

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there is no such thing as low-cal vodka, and even if beer is "light" it's not THAT light. I would stick to vodka and a 0-cal mixer like diet tonic, diet coke, etc.


my personal favorite is grey goose pear mix with club soda and a splash of fresh lemon juice..delish!

Mich light is the worst for calories.....Ultra or Amste Light are great options....Miller Lite is not bad bet is Beck's Light.


If you go mixed drinks go Vodka and Sprite Zero.

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