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yay or nay?

I recently bought some and enjoy a couple sprays on my veggies or eggs every now and again... but it seems a little too good to be true.

0 calories per 5 sprays, and I'm aware that once you start using more then 5 sprays it will have some calories (it has to, it's oil!) but I'm not too concerned about a couple extra calories..

I'm just more concerned as to how safe is it to use regularly? I don't use much (maybe 5-15 sprays per day) but is there any bad hidden ingredients that I should be aware of?

I suspect that it is not a very 'clean' product

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really, no one?

Look at the ingredients list?


I have, and I'm skeptical...

I'd like another opinion

So what are they?


in order:


-soybean oil


-xanthan gum

-soy lecthin

-polysorbate 60

-lactic acid


-potassium sorbate

-artificial flavor

-calcium disodium edta

-citric acid


I don't know what half of these ingredients are, which is why I'm curious. It doesn't sound too promising, but for the amount you actually use it (like 5-15 sprays = 1-3ml ) is it really too bad?

I googled some of the engredients, seems like the usual culprits added to processed foods as stablizers, and preservatives. Is it bad? I guess that comes down to a personal choice and where you draw the line. Personally I wouldn't worry about it, but then wouldn't really use it either. I preffer old fashioned salt and pepper on my veggies and eggs. Tongue out


oh okay thanks

yah, I usually put salsa on my eggs and soy sauce on my veggies... I'm deffinately not a spray butter addict. But it's good to know that it's not terrible, but probably not too great for regular use... I'll keep it to a minimal just to be safe :)

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