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Beano - Do you use it?

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Ok I am getting a little sick and tired of farting.  Not that i'm a 'girly girl' who hates farting and has a complex about it...  But when I'm farting every 10-15 minutes and it's seriously DISRUPTING me at work and at home and at the gym (Im polite, i go to the bathroom or do it in the other room) I am needing to do something about it. I also am not enjoying being surrounded by the smell of crap all day!!!! it's disgusting!

I don't know exactly what is causing the farting overload but I know for sure the broccoli and cauliflower don't help the situation.  But i LOVE broccoli and cauliflower!

I'm NOT WILLING to change my diet (yet) because I am eating REALLY HEALTHY - y'know - like how you're SUPPOSED to eat for health.... fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, etc.... eating 4-5 times a day.... watching my protein and etc etc yada yada 

So today I bought Beano.  Does anyone else "swear by beano" or have any other related stories about it?  Tell me what you know, uh... can't... resist... 

"spill the beanos" people! :) (sorry)


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I am a vegetarian that eats a LOT of vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.

I find Beano to be mostly ineffective in both tablet and liquid (drops) form (I'm not sure if they still sell the drops or not).  Generic "beano" is completely ineffective.

062121: so what do you do about gas, just deal with it and release it naturally?

Finely tune your diet to not include whatever it is that you figured out created gas?

Is there another method you've figured out?(a vegetarian closely guarded secret?) Laughing

I'm talking -- I was feeling very bloated (and not like bloated like anorexics talk about, i was actually bloated i could FEEL the air moving around) and every 10-15 minutes I literally had a fart pushing at the door.  It is actually "uncomfortable" and i was unable to hold it in. My BF wanted to go to a movie and I had to say "i'm sorry, but in this state, i just CAN'T"

I took beano twice today and a practially ate the exact same thing as yesterday so we'll see what happens i guess LOL


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I'm taking a once-a-day digestive probiotic called Align, and it has vastly improved the situation.  Once in awhile, if I think the meal/situation calls for extra help, I'll use Gas-X.


Cabbage and cauliflower are the biggest problems for me personally, but I love them too much to completely cut them from my intake.  I do, however, try to eat them sparingly these days. 

i'll have to look for it because it seems it's only in USA.  I'm in Canada.  It sucks when I can't get something because I am in canada.  Blah!

I've used Beano and had pretty good luck with it.  But I also wanted to tell you that you could probably order the Gas-X from  they have pretty much anything you could be looking for.  And I don't see why they wouldn't ship to Canada.

They sell Gas-X in Canada. I found it at Walmart...

Although I don't find it to be all that effective either.

I've tried it all, the most effective that I have found is the Gas X readi strips that you melt on your tongue, but I save those for the most important situations, (job interviews, physicals, ect.)  The rest of the time I just suck it up and stink!!

Apparently farting 5-20 times a day is normal :-)

But if it's occuring loads more than that, it's worth a try! You may find it helps even if others don't.

Bear in mind that it's not a miracle cure - it's just an enzyme which assist in digesting cellulose and other oligofructoses... the theory being that when these are sitting in your intestine, bacteria start fermenting it and releasing loads of gas.

You could also try papain, which helps digest proteins - fermentation of proteins also gives people wind.

If you eat healthy then you're right not to change your diet, however you may have to save certain foods for when you know it's not going to be a major issue having wind (eg: weekends)


For me, the biggest problem is not the farting per se but the pain and discomfort of gas in my belly.  Gas-X and other things only seem to aggravate the pain, so I have spent time trying to figure out the worst offenders, and stopped consuming them (or at least eating them raw). 

For example, one of the worst things for me is raw apples, of any variety.  I have found that I cannot eat them, as much as I love them, without experiencing the most painful and uncomfortable gas and bloating.  So I have completely eliminated raw apples from my diet and found that I can only have them in apple sauce form - I make a huge homemade batch and freeze. 

Oddly enough, as soon as I did that, the gas pretty much stopped.  Personally, I would rather not deal with the pain and discomfort, as much as I enjoy a crunchy, juicy, sweet/tart apple.

So, to me, the only thing that has worked has been figuring out what causes gas.  Any other "fixes" did nothing to solve my problems.

edit: typo

I've used liquid beano with a lot of success.  My worst problem is anything with onions.  I have a bottle at home and at work, where you really don't want to have gas, because you can't keep getting up and going to the bathroom every 20 mins, you'll get nothing done.  If I had a problem food for lunch, say White Castle burgers, aka sliders, I'd put 3 drops on the first couple of burgers (mini-burgers, I'd have 3-4 for lunch) or maybe a burrito, I'd unwrapp it and put 4-5 drops on the inside and it worked great almost all the time.  When it didn't work completely, that was probably due to me under compensating for the amount of food I ate.  The real problem is I don't think they make it in the liquid form any more.  I haven't seen it in stores and I didn't see it on their website.  Amazon sells it, but it's a bit pricey.  I haven't tried the pills, but I can't say enough about the liquid, for me it really worked and I normally don't have problems with gas. 

I have to get this stuff, I totally forgot!

What exactly do they add to this to help prevent the gas? And is there a difference between liquid and tablets?


Original Post by racebanyon1112:

I've used liquid beano with a lot of success. 

How often do you have to use the liquid? And do you just add it to your drink or something?

i've never used any of those products, and won't, but i'd be interested to know what exactly they do.  gas is a bi-product of digestion, so if they actually do have an effect, doesn't it seem like they must interfere with digestion?  doesn't make sense to me to mess with that.

Beano was actually recommended by my gastroenterologist because of my colon's tendency for diverticulitis.  The liquid works good for me. Five drops are supposed to be put on the first bite of food but I usually just put the drops in my mouth as the taste does not bother me. It is a natural digestive enzyme and quite expensive. Between that and acidophilis, I'm on speaking terms with my digestive system. ;-)

Original Post by pgeorgian:

i've never used any of those products, and won't, but i'd be interested to know what exactly they do.  gas is a bi-product of digestion, so if they actually do have an effect, doesn't it seem like they must interfere with digestion?  doesn't make sense to me to mess with that.

beano and lactaid (for the lactose intolerat) actually replace digestive enzymes that some people lack (or make in less than usual amounts) and so increase your digestion of those materials. 

It is the undigested stuff that the bacteria ferments, causing gas.

I found charcoal pills. the are homeopathic and next to the gas x, beano... I take them before my mel so they digest together. Complete relief..

I have not found Beano to be a great answer to gas.  Charcoal pills work better - I still get gas but not LOUD gas...

I COMPLETELY understand what you are going through.  That is EXACTLY what happens to me.  Do you eat soy products?  I did and when I stopped eating soy a lot of the gas went away.  Also, I can still eat veggies like broccoli and cauliflower (which I LOVE), I just cannot eat them raw.  When I do have gas though, Gas X works enough to take away the worst of the pain, but I still have some gas and bloating.


You just need to excrete in morning itself. Believe me, if you follow this simple routine, this issue will be completely solved.



Basically you need help digesting your food. I used to have this problem, I tried drinking fennel tea every day for a week, I found huge success in this, and it's a natural solution rather than beano or Gaz-x.


Good luck


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