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What do YOU do with bean sprouts?

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I realize that "eat them" is the obvious answer.

But I've never tried them and thought I'd branch out this week into uncharted territory.

Can you eat them raw in salads?  Do they do well in veggie stir fry dishes?

If you're a fan of bean sprouts, help me out, please!

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I stir fry my bean sprouts.  How do you eat them?  (I thought stir fry was the default; guess not!  :-))

Eat them raw with your salad. I love to eat them with peanut sauce (gado gado). You can stir fry them, stir fry minced garlic, add tofu and add bean sprout last. Season with either chicken broth or dried salted fish.

Or you can make spring roll with it.

It's very versatile. I sometimes add them to my egg/rice noodles (soup or fried). Always add them at the end, so they are still crunchy.


Both of the above
If i have leftover sauces, I steam them until they are wilted and chewy, not crunchy and use them like pasta (need lots of tomato based sauce) We dont have those low cal noodles in Australia, so I use bean sprouts instead
I take extra lean ground beef and I cook it with some minced onion (or onion powder) little bit of salt and pepper. Then I add some celery, green pepper and bean sprout cook em till they are tender. And I make brown rice and eat it together with a lil soya sauce...OMG so good lol

I'm addicted to bean sprouts. :D You can do almost anything with them--raw in salads, stir-fried, cooked with your noodles, put in your omelettes, whatever. I myself tend to prefer them raw, because they're nice and crunchy that way.They don't really have much of a flavour, but that just means you can eat them with almost anything. :)

I hate them when they are cooked. They are really good with cold sandwiches, and salads.

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Normally, I stir fry them or sometimes I put them in noodles but I don't usually eat them raw. I think they smell funny when they are raw.

depejnds on what bean sprout...
for Mung beans, I Stir fry them with an eensy bit of teriyaki sauce and some tofu, mix them in with some steamed veggies./ OOh, that's one delicious lunch right there.

For alfalfa/clover sprouts, put them on a 'cranberry 'n' stuffing' tofurky sandwhich with some spicy brown mustard, lettuce, pickles, crasins and some avocado, that's a yummy sandwhich to me :)

Raw is best.  If you add them to stir frys or noodle dishes, stir them in at the very last minute or add them at the table.  I'm talking about mung bean sprouts here but for me it applies to all sprouts.

Thank you to everyone for your replies and great ideas!

Mung bean sprouts are the only ones I can find in my grocery store right now.  I added them to a broccoli/zucchini stir-fry, and they were good, but I think I did add them too early, so thanks for the advice.

Love the omelette idea... I hadn't even thought of that!

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