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Is Balkan Yogurt the Same as Greek Yogurt?

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I have heard of the wonders of Greek yogurt, but I can't seem to find it in the stores, so I am wondering if it is also called Balkan style. If no, then where the heck do y'all get the stuff anyway?



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Pretty sure that it is the same.  I can only find Balkan in my area and I love it.

no it's not the same.

greek yogurt is thick and has few carbs and high protein

balken yogurt is more like plain normal yogurt, just a different style

if you compare nutrition labels, you'll notice differences

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I've been able to get Greek yogurt in every grocery store.  It's definitely in Whole Foods, but all of the local chains carrry it.  My favorite is Face and I get the 0%.  It's a little expensive but its' so delicious.  If you can't find it, maybe ask your grocer to order it.  The benefit is that it has many fewer carbs than other fat free yogurt.  I feel better about adding it to fruit and not overloading on the carbs for one meal.  You can sweeten it with a touch of honey and add some almonds.  I live in suburbia, although a very health conscious area, and only have trouble finding it because it sells out sometimes.  Make sure you're looking by the sour cream, too.  Sometimes it's not in the same area as the regular yogurt. 

Oh, and try some Kefir, too.  It has more carbs and usually more calories but it also has extra probiotics and it's a delicious on-the-run alternative.

Happy shopping.

Thanks, that's what I thought. The Balkan is tasty but too many carbs and too much fat! I will try some different grocery stores. Sure seems worth the hunt.

Thanks for the advice!

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